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  • Bayview Elementary School is pleased to announce Club Bayview. Clubs will be held on Mondays beginning February 26 (Grades 3 – 5 Yoga and Lego Robotics begins Friday, February 23) and will run for eight weeks. Clubs end on Monday, April 22 (Grades 3 – 5 Yoga and Lego Robotics ends April 26). There will be no clubs on March 22, 25 - 29. Our clubs will be offered from 2:15 - 3:15 pm. At 1:55 pm, the regular classroom teacher will dismiss the students. Those enrolled will proceed directly to the Media Center. Student supervision will be provided from 1:55 - 2:10 pm. Students are welcome to bring a snack from home to eat at that time. The assigned club teacher will pick up the students at 2:10 pm.


    Club teachers will escort students out to car line at 3:15 pm. Aftercare students will be dismissed back to the Aftercare program. A prompt pick-up by 3:15 pm is the responsibility of the parent. NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED TO WALK OR RIDE A BIKE HOME. There will be a late fee of $15.00 (per child) for each 15-minute increment after 3:30 pm. The pick-up time is established by the Broward County School Board and MUST be strictly followed.


    Each club has 20 spots available. Once the clubs are full, we will not accept any more registrations. Clubs need a minimum of 8 students. If we do not have the minimum, you will be contacted by Mrs. Murphy to receive a refund or have the option to be moved to another club.


    Yoga Club Grades K - 2 and Grades 3 - 5

    Ms. Cantalupo (20 seats per group): This yoga club is for those new to yoga as well as anyone who has any experience with yoga.*  Students will be learning the basic moves that help them improve the ability to relax; both physically and mentally, stretching exercises, increased balance control (core muscle development), and most importantly, teaching students that yoga is a wonderful source for stress relief.  There will be two sessions, one for grades K - 2 on Mondays and one for grades 3 - 5 on Fridays. 


    *Students will need to wear appropriate clothing: leggings, shorts and a T-shirt.  Shoes and socks will not be worn during the session, as it is safer without them. 


    Kickball: Grades 3 - 5

    Ms. Gill (20 seats): Students will be able to enjoy playing kickball while learning the rules, practicing good sportsmanship, and empowering healthy competition. Students will meet once a week, with a warm-up first, followed by a game. 


    Cheerleading: Grades 3 - 5

    Ms. Winder (20 seats): Students will build strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. It’s also a great brain workout since participants work to memorize cheers, dances, jumps, and routines.


    Lego Creations/Robotics Grades 3 - 5

    Mr. Lane (20 seats): We will build and create LEGO® models to inspire engaged learning. Our club will inspire basic reading, critical-thinking, and building ideas with hands-on activities to create LEGO products that promote imagination, pique curiosity, and enhance learning.  This club will meet twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) and the cost will be $280. 



     ELOP (Extended Learning Opportunities Program) is an after-school enrichment program offered through Broward County Schools at Bayview Elementary.



    Club Bayview

    Yoga for Kids: Grades K - 2 Mondays

    Yoga for Kids: Grades 3 - 5 Fridays

    Kickball: Grades 3-5 Mondays

    Cheerleading: Grades 3-5 Mondays

    Lego Robotics:  Grades 3-5

    Mondays and Fridays


    Club Dates:

    Mondays:  February 26, March 4, 11, 18,

    April 1, 8, 15 and 22

    Fridays:  February 23, March 1, 8, 15,

    April 5, 12, 19, 26


    Club Cost:

    $140 for the 8-week session

    $280 for Lego Robotics


    *Discounts Offered:

    10% for second or more siblings


    FULL TIME School Board of

    Broward County employees:  $126

    10% discount if the student is attending

     the BVE School Aftercare


    *Discounts will be provided via a refund from

    the school after payment has been submitted.



    Club Bayview begins:


    Monday, February 26

    Friday, February 23 for Grades 3 – 5 Yoga and Lego Robotics



    Club Bayview ends:


     Monday, April 22

    Friday, April 26 for Grades 3 – 5

    Yoga and Lego Robotics


    Mondays: 2:15 - 3:15 pm


    A snack brought from home may be eaten from 1:55 - 2:10 pm


    All clubs are taught by Bayview Elementary School teachers.


    Please e-mail any questions or concerns to Mrs. Murphy at:

    Registration is first come, first served!

    Club Space is Limited!

    Online Payment and Registration

    must be completed between

    February 5 and 16



    Go to

    select Elementary

    then Bayview to pay for your club.


    Payment of 8-week camp:  $140

    $280 for Grades 3 - 5 Lego Robotics



    Please complete registration.

    Go to:

  • Any Questions or Concerns Email: