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    August 10, 2018


    Dear Parents,


    Welcome back to the 2018-19 school year.  I am looking forward to another fantastic year at Cresthaven with my students and their families.  As we enter this school year, please be reminded of our school's protocols as outlined below.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures feel free to reach out to the office or myself.

    • Unified Dress Code- Cresthaven has a unified dress code for all students.
      • Students’ adherence to our dress code is important in helping us identify intruders on campus. For more information on approved colors and types of clothing, please refer to your child’s agenda or the CRE website. 
      • If your child has out grown their uniform clothes and you would like to donate them to our uniform closet, we would love to have them. Please bring washed and folded clothes bagged to the front office. 
    • Cresthaven’s Arrival and Dismissal Procedures-
      • Arrival- Students may arrive to school in one of 3 ways:
        • Please be advised there is no supervision of students before 7:10 AM. Parents MAY NOT drop off their child before this time.
          • Students participating in our Universal Free Breakfast program may arrive beginning at 7:10 AM. Your child will enter the school through the cafeteria.  There is a sign for breakfast entry.
        • Car-line- Students are dropped off in the car line and enter the building through the front doors and single point of entry.
        • Parents that wish to park and walk their child to the front door of the school MUST arrive BEFORE 7:40 AM. Please be advised the gates to the front parking lot will be locked at 8:15 AM DAILY.
        • No parent may enter the lobby of the school unless they have official school business.
        • Biker/Walker- Students walk up to the school along the designated sidewalk and enter through the front door.
        • Bus Rider- Students that arrive to school on a bus will proceed to breakfast or their classroom through the front door entry.
      • Dismissal
        • Students who walk home from school will be dismissed from the east and the west gates.
        • Bus Riders will be dismissed from their classrooms to the bus area.
        • Cresthaven Koala-ty After Care students will be dismissed from the classrooms to the cafeteria.


    • Dismissal Definitions:
      • Car Riders:

    No child will be permitted to cross dismissal traffic to the parking lot.


    • Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
    • Students who arrive to school after 7:50 AM, must be escorted into the school and signed in by a parent.
    • A parent must sign out their student who requires an early dismissal BEFORE 1:20 PM (11:20 AM on Early Release Days).
      • Per school board policy, all early dismissals must be done more than 30 minutes before Cresthaven’s regular dismissal time.


    SCHOOL STARTS ON AUGUST 15 AND THIS FALLS ON A WEDNESDAY!!   Please make sure to mark your calendars.  Meet and Greet will be held on Tuesday, August 14, from 10:00 AM-11:30 AM.  You will meet your child’s teacher at this event.  Feel free to drop off your child’s supplies on that day as well.


    During the first week of school you will be able to walk your child directly to class on Wednesday, 8/15, Thursday, August 16 and Friday, August 17, from 7:30 AM to 7:50 AM ONLY. Any student arriving after 7:50 AM on these dates will be escorted to class by a Cresthaven staff member.


    If your child does not attend school on August 15, they will be escorted to class by a staff member on their first day of school.  No parents will be permitted to walk their child to class after Friday, August 17th


    Beginning Monday, August 20th, no parents may access the front lobby for drop off.  Any parent escorting their child must leave their child at the front entrance doors of the school with a staff member and your child will be directed to the cafeteria or classroom.


    Parents who have scheduled conferences or need to speak to a member of support staff or administration may do so by going directly to the front office. Your driver’s license or official ID is required when you enter, as all visitors must be scanned through the front office to ensure our students’ safety at all times.

    No exceptions.


    Open House -

    • Wednesday, September 5th, Grades PK - 2 from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Wednesday, September 12th, Grades 3 - 5 from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM.


    We will be continuing our practice of using email alerts to keep in constant contact with our parents.  Special events, field trips, and other reminders and announcements will be sent to you via email, phone, and/or through the Broward Schools App.  All emergency forms may be completed ON-LINE at Elementary will also collect hard copies of emergency forms. If you need assistance filling out forms on-line, please stop by the front office.  We are happy to help you.


    Please make sure that all free and reduced lunch applications are submitted on–line as soon as possible.   The website is  If you need any assistance in completing the application, feel free to come to the school and we will assist you.  Please remember that families that are not approved for free or reduced lunch benefits will be paying full price for lunch until approved.  It is very important that parents check their child’s account balance regularly as we want to ensure that all students receive a full lunch every day. As a reminder, Cresthaven has universal free breakfast for all students.  Breakfast is served daily from 7:10 AM -7:35 AM in the cafeteria. Students must arrive in the cafeteria no later than 7:35 AM in order to be served. 


    As I enter my 2nd year as your principal, I continue to be overwhelmed by this tremendous community.  It is truly an honor to serve the parents and students of Cresthaven.  I look forward to another year leading this amazing school.  As always, feel free to call me with any questions you may have.   See you soon!



    Donald E. Lee,










    _______________________________________________             __________                    ________________________________­­­­­_____________

    Student’s Name                                                                 Grade                                                Teacher


    _____________________________ _______­­­______                                                          ______________________________________________

    Parent’s Name (Print)                                                                                       Parent’s Name (Print)


    _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

    Address                                                                                  City                                                        Zip Code                                                                


    ______________________________              _________________________      ________________________             ­­ ­­­­_________________________

    Home Phone                                        Work Phone                         Cell Phone                                 Add ’l Contact Number



    In case of an emergency contact:


    Name: ________________________________________  Relationship:_________________________    Contact number: ________________________


    Name: ________________________________________  Relationship:_________________________    Contact number: ________________________


    My child is dismissed at 1:50 PM. (11:50 AM on Early Release Days) as a:  (Please check one.)

    • Car rider – (car loop, front of school)
    • Walker/Bike rider
    • School Bus
    • Cresthaven Koala-ty After Care
    • Private Aftercare Program - Name of Aftercare Program: ______________________    Phone# _______________

    A written request, from the parent to the teacher, is required to make changes to student’s dismissal.  Verbal request from students will not be granted.  Please be aware that bus students are only permitted to ride the bus they are assigned to.  An Empty Seat Application is to be completed and approved in order to make changes to school bus assignments.


    Severe Weather Dismissal Procedures

    During the school year we may experience days of sudden thunderstorms at dismissal time.  Students (especially those who are dismissed as walkers and bus riders) are encouraged to have a folding umbrella and/or poncho in their backpacks.  In the event of torrential rain and lightning, student dismissal may change.  To keep the telephone lines free for necessary school use, please instruct your child as to the procedure they are to follow.  Students will not be allowed to use the telephone for instructions.  If it is necessary to change your child’s dismissal on rainy days, please specify below the procedures your child/children should follow in the event of a rainy day dismissal.







    Please return this form to the classroom teacher.



    Cresthaven’s Unified Dress Code




    1. Bottoms: (mid-thigh length or longer)
      1. shorts, pants, skirts or skorts
      2. Colors: khaki, tan, or navy blue
    2. Tops:
      1. long or short sleeves, collared polo style with or without the school logo and approved school spirit shirts
      2. Colors: (solid) red, white and blue.
    3. Footwear:
      1. sneakers preferred
      2. backless and open toed foot wear not allowed


    Students should NOT wear:

    • Tank tops
    • Midriff tops
    • Spaghetti straps
    • Backless shirts
    • Lycra or spandex
    • Gym or drawstring shorts
    • Jeans


    Consequences for violation are as follows:

    Violation #1:            Letter home.

    Violation #2:             Letter home and student is sent to uniform closet to change.

    Violation #3+:          Letter home and parent is contacted to bring student a change of clothes. 



    Supporting Cresthaven’s unified dress code is vital to our school’s safety as it allows us to easily identify possible intruders.  Thank you for working with your child to ensure they adhere to our

    Dress Code policy.



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