Special News

  •  “Riverland Elementary Reads to Succeed”

    At Riverland Elementary School, students read to succeed! In fact, all students are required to read for a minimum of 20 minutes in class every day of the week. Additionally, all students are required to read a minimum of 20 minutes at home every night As research shows, the more one reads, the better and faster (more fluent) one becomes. Furthermore, reading affords our students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, an essential component to reading on grade level and increasing student achievement.

    Parents, we ask that you continue to support us by setting aside quiet time for your children to read. Keep in mind that the most effective way to teach is to model. Having stated this, please read with your children and have conversations about what you have read. Let your children know that you value and encourage reading.


    Safety Reminders

    Riverland Elementary School considers the safety of its students a top priority.  As a result, we are asking that parents/guardians and community members assist us.  Please drop off and pick up your child in the designated location, which is on the southeast side of the school.  The bus loop area is restricted to school buses and afterschool care providers only.

    We would also like to remind you that students are not to be dropped off at school before 7:30 AM. Please realize that prior to the indicated time there is no supervision for students; teachers report to school at 7:30 AM and attend staff development workshops and meetings until 7:50 AM. Moreover, please note that students are to evacuate the campus immediately following dismissal at 2:00 PM, unless they are enrolled in after school care programs or participating in a school sponsored extracurricular activity.

    Furthermore, all visitors are required to sign in at the Front Office and provide picture identification in order to obtain a visitor's pass or sign-out a student.  Once a visitor's pass is issued, visitors are to report directly to the area designated on the visitor's pass. All individuals not wearing an identification badge or a visitor's pass will be stopped and escorted to the Front Office to obtain a visitor's pass.  As always, your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we all strive to keep our children safe.