Magnet Program

  • Riverland Elementary is the only World Languages Magnet Program within the Broward County School District.

    The program consists of Spanish I, Spanish II and French offered to all students upon registration.

     Mastery of a foreign language is found to be most effective when students are introduced to languages at an early age. This is supported by research that shows standardized test scores improve when a child studies a second language. This program features an innovative writing, thinking, interdisciplinary approach to learning, as well as the time to begin learning French or Spanish. Creative writing in the native and second language is the unifier of the school’s curriculum.

    Please contact Mrs. Adriana Quinonez , Riverland Elementary School's Magnet Coordinator for more information.

     The Broward County Public School district is a nationally recognized leader in the quality and diversity of education we offer students. Magnet Programs offer educational choices in Broward County Public Schools. While similar courses and programs may be available in comprehensive schools, Magnet Programs attract students by offering unique opportunities for in-depth experiences and study in specific areas of interest. Each Magnet Program emphasizes a specialized theme. Our goal is to create educational interests, celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity, and foster student achievement.

    Magnet Programs:

    • Expand educational choices for students
    • Promote diversity within our schools
    • Set high expectations for all students to improve student achievement
    • Prepare students for further education and the world of work
    • Develop positive school climates with academic emphasis
    • Provide real-life and hands-on experiences
    • Offer mentorship and internship opportunities

    District's Magnet Program Website to learn more!

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