Suggested School Supplies

  • RIVERSIDE 2018-2019
    Attached is the suggested school supply list for the 2018-2019 school year. Once again, PTO sponsored prepackaged school supplies will be available. This year, we are encouraging our families to order online. Packets will be available for pick-up during the Meet and Greet on Tuesday, August 14th. Prices are as follows:
    K $55.00
    1st $57.00
    2nd $60.00
    3rd $56.00
    4th $59.00
    5th $63.00
    Why prepackaged school supplies? They
    -make your life easier by saving you time.
    -are convenient and save you money.
    -include exactly what the teachers requested.
    -support your PTO.
    -spare you from running around town trying to find all the items in one place.
    -prepare your child for learning on the first day of school!
    Ordering options-choose one
    1. Order online at with a credit card. You can order now or any day over the summer. Your order will be picked up during Meet and Great, Tuesday, August 14th (This choice is easy, dependable, and highly recommended!) If you cannot make it that day, your order will be delivered to your student’s classroom.
    2. Packets can be purchased during our uniform sale day over the summer. The PTO will communicate which day this will be. Cash or credit cards will be accepted
    3. Purchase a packet on Tuesday, August 14th during the Meet and Greet. Cash or credit cards will be accepted.
    QUESTIONS? Email us!