• Teachers of Tomorrow (T.O.T.s) is a volunteer organization that is open to Fifth Graders.  Students volunteer help out in a teacher’s classroom before or after school. 

    Some of the jobs that a student T.O.T. may do are work on bulletin boards, file papers, cut paper for projects.  Some T.O.T.s may also help our school by acting as office runners. 

    Students who are interested in joining T.O.T.s can join at the beginning of the school year.  Fifth Grade teachers will ask for students who are interested in joining T.O.T.s.  Once a student has expressed interest, they will be given a permission form to bring home requesting parent’s permission. 

    Finally, as long as the students are not already working with Safety Patrol, Environmental Patrol, or WABES, he or she can officially join T.O.T.s!teacher’s classroom before or after school.