School Policies

  • Our school is proud to provide a safe and secure learning environment - an environment that fosters intellectual development, creativity, and friendships.  These policies and guidelines enable us to create, sustain, and grow this wonderful community at DILLARD ELEMENTARY.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our School Policies.


    All staff members should be aware of School Board policies that affect their job. An up-to-date policy handbook will also be available to all employees. You may also review School Board Policies via the Intranet by typing “web” into the Netscape Application.

    Any questions about School Board policies may be directed to the principal/assistant principal.

    Some of the policies every teacher should be aware of are included in the appendix of this handbook.

    Please be familiar with these School Board policies:

    POLICY #5104 Report Cards, Grades, and Promotion/Retention
    POLICY #6000.1Standards of Service-Curricula-Elementary and ESE
    POLICY #5301 Discipline-Corporal Punishment
    POLICY #5006 Suspension and Expulsion
    POLICY #5100 School Education Records
    POLICY #2304 Weapons
    POLICY #4008 Responsibilities and Duties
    (Principal and Instructional Duties)
    POLICY #6303 Field Trips
    POLICY #6306 Homework
    POLICY #6318 Copyright Materials