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  • Dillard Elementary School News!!!      


    The mission of Dillard Elementary School is to afford each student the opportunity to receive a quality education within a safe and secure learning environment.


    School and Home Access to Online Academic

    The BEEP Portal is no longer available. What students, parents and teachers used to come to BEEP to access has been replaced by the BCPS Single Sign-On Launch Pad available at

    The Launch Pad provides single-sign-on access to your BCPS Instructional and Digital Resources available to you based on your role in the School District.

    In order to access your instructional and digital materials on the Launch Pad you will need to download a program/plug in. Instructions on how to do this can be found at

     Logging into Single Sign-On Launch Pad:

    Student login credentials are: Username: Student ID# (10 digit student number)

                                                          Password: StudentXXXX

                                                          Parents login with student credentials

     Teacher login credentials are: Username: PXXXXXXXX (personnel number)

                                                          Password: Your Outlook email password

     The online database are accessible from multiple devices (computers, laptops, tablets and phones) and platforms (OS and Android).



    Immunization Information

    For Registration at our school you will need:

    • Immunization Shots Record – Original DH680 complete with shots.
      • ALL students MUST have 2 Varicella shots.
      • Kindergarten students must have 5 polio shots If the 4th shot is given before the child’s 4th birthday.
      • Expiration date listed must be after the date of registration.
    • Health Examination Record – Original DH3040 signed off by doctor.
      • Must be within one year of first day of school.
      • Here is check list: Checklist

    Transportation Services

    The Student Transportation and Fleet Services Department is committed to the safe and efficient transportation of all Broward County Public Schools' bus riders in compliance with federal, state and local guidelines. This department consists of District Transportation Operations supporting its five Transportation Terminals located throughout Broward County, Florida, as well as Vehicle Maintenance.

    Student Bus Stop Information

    After October 1 of each school year, Broward School Board Policy 5300 allows for a student otherwise not eligible for transportation, to ride if there is a seat available on route (s) that serve the school. “Empty Seat Applications” are processed through the student’s school of attendance after October 1st of each school year.

     Below is a list of our five Transportation Terminals, routes they service and main contact number.

    • North Transportation (routes 1000-1999)   754-321-4000
    • Central Transportation (routes 2000-2999)  754-321-4480
    • South Transportation (routes 3000-3999)   754-321-4100
    • Central West Transportation (routes 4000-4999)  754-321-4150
    • South West Transportation (routes 5000-5999)   754-321-8025

    There are just under 1,000 school buses used by Broward District Schools on daily routes, transporting more than 73,000 students to and from school, and driving more than 16 million miles to 234 locations.  This department collaborates with all schools to communicate transportation information to students and parents.

    Bus Passes

    • Students must live more than 2 miles from the school to qualify for bus passes. Transportation requests take a minimum of 48 hours (2 days) for approval.
    • Bus passes are usually sent to the student’s home address 1 – 2 weeks before school starts.
    • If the student has not received a bus pass, the parent or guardian MUST drop off and pick up the student until a bus pass has been given.
    • Parents may contact the Transportation Department at: (754) 321-4000
    • Bus passes must first be used in the morning, and then in the afternoon so that the driver is notified of the new student.
    • All changes for bus passes must be verified through proof of the student’s correct address submitted to the school ‘s office.

     Welcome to Florida KidCare


    Through Florida Kid Care, the state of Florida offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18, even if one or both parents are working. It includes four different parts. When you apply for the insurance, Florida Kid Care will check which part your child may qualify for based on age and family income.  Visit