Safety Patrol

  • The patrol’s job is to remind students of safety rules learned in the classroom and to guide them in safe crossing and bus passenger procedures. Patrols receive instructions in guidelines and procedures during their training and regular patrol meetings. Duties of all patrols are listed below.

    Set a good example and encourage other students to also observe safety rules at all times.

    • Report for duty on time with proper equipment. Patrols will not be permitted to perform their duties if they are not wearing a patrol belt.
    • Know and help enforce “fairly” all walking or bus rules and regulations.
    • Report to the bus driver, patrol sponsor, administrators, and staff member assigned to a bus as needed
    • Provide other assistance to drivers or crossing guards as requested.
    • Attend and participate in all patrol meetings and training sessions.

    In their role of encouraging students to observe safety rules, patrols can have a significant, positive influence on their schoolmates. Patrols influence other students both formally as part of their regular duties, as well as informally because they serve as student role models of appropriate and safe behavior.