• safety patrol

                       Becoming a Safety Patrol is an excellent opportunity to help students, parents and visitors find their way around our large HHE campus.  Our Patrols volunteer their time to “work” their post in the mornings or in the afternoons.  They are responsible students who give up a few minutes of their class time to help their school community each day. They escort new students and young Kindergarteners to their classrooms and monitor the hallway to assist anyone in need.  Safety Patrol members also hold open the entrance/exit doors while greeting you with a smile each morning or afternoon.  They help remind students to use their walking feet or inside voices while waiting for the bell to ring.  Many Patrols help in the cafeteria to keep the backpacks in order, monitor the Cafeteria line and move the crowds through in a smooth organized fashion. 

    Holding one of our 70 positions here at Hollywood Hills Elementary is very rewarding and beneficial club.  We welcome the Fifth Grade students who are interested in volunteering their time to make their school GREAT!