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    Partners In Education is Broward County Public School’s premier school-business partnership program. Your participation as a business/community Partner will influence students, the future leaders of our community. For partners, the rewards are both immediate and long-term because a better education system translates directly to economic success right here in Broward County. For more information, please call (754) 321-1974, or CLICK HERE to visit the department website (


    Our Partners

    This list represents our Partners.  These organizations and businesses help us in many ways, and if you have a chance to show your appreciation with your support, please let them know. 
    PNC Bank

    PNC Unveils Plans for New Net-Zero Energy Branch
    PNC plans to open a new net-zero energy bank branch in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the first quarter of 2013. The company expects the branch to exceed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification and to be its most energy efficient, using 50 percent less energy than a typical branch.

    "This is another example of PNC’s commitment to innovation and energy efficiency,” said Gary Saulson, PNC’s director of Corporate Real Estate. “We expect the net-zero energy branch to spur business growth and development in the area. Ultimately, we hope it will inspire other businesses to adopt similar green building practices.”

    PNC has more newly constructed LEED-certified buildings (118) than any company world-wide. The Fort Lauderdale branch will feature innovative green technology and amenities, including 211 solar panels, a fitness path for the public, paving designed to reduce rainwater runoff, high-efficiency LED lights and Energy Star appliances. Some of these may become standard in the next generation of PNC’s green buildings.

    Energy-saving design and technology
    The 4,900-square-foot branch — to be located at 1153 S. Andrews Ave. — will also feature:  Solar energy and daylight harvesting: The branch will be powered by the sun using the most efficient photovoltaic (solar) panels on the commercial market. Daylight harvesting will be achieved through the use of sensors that control dimmable light fixtures as natural sunlight increases.

    •  Occupancy sensors: Occupancy sensors will prompt lights and computer monitors to shut off automatically in unoccupied spaces.
    • Energy recovery ventilation: This system captures and transfers energy from conditioned air as it exits the building to fresh air as it enters the building and results in reduced cooling costs.
    • Recycled materials: PNC is using local and recycled building resources for structural and shell materials, as well as finishes. Special products made with more than 80 percent recycled material have also been selected for all ceiling tiles and walls.
    • Native plants and irrigation: The landscape design is composed of native Florida species, minimizing irrigation needs. Natural drainage channels lined with plants will filter out pollutants and permit ground absorption, diverting 90 percent of site stormwater from municipal sewer systems.
    • Solar shading: A canopy covers the building’s southern exposure to reflect sun during the hottest part of the day while allowing natural daylight into the building, resulting in reduced cooling costs.

    These and other features will yield annual energy savings equivalent to the energy needed to power a 1,600-square-foot house for one year.

    PNC a recognized corporate leader in building green
    “Cutting energy consumption in a building by 50 percent compared to code and adding renewable generation requires corporate commitment and a strong eye toward strategy,” said Michael Baechler, senior program manager at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. “Over the past few years, PNC has taught the DOE and national labs how corporations can manage and benefit from a commitment to energy efficiency.”

    Allysa Wetcher
    Vice President, Branch Manager
    Davie Blvd & Andrews
    NMLS ID: 617877




    Millertyme Entertainment

    Mobile Video Games (Gametruck)

    • One stop shop for all of your event needs
    • Party rental equipment
    • Special events (Early Release, Carnivals, PTO/PTA )

    Kimberla Miller

    (954) 655-5316