Tech Time at NEE

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    Congratulations NEE...Code.Org State Winners

    Nova Eisenhower Elementary was selected as the only school in the state of Florida to receive a$10,000 prize from  We were chosen because of our dedication to teaching coding and computer science across grade levels and curriculum.  This prize money will take us to the next level in our programming efforts.

    Thank you, and American Express for your support!  NEE you?


    Free Microsoft Office for Students

    Your child can get a free version of Microsoft Office. You are allowed to install it on up to 5 devices. You can download the software from your child's Office65 account.

    Office 365

    Exciting news! All students in Broward County now have a free license for Office 365. It is a wonderful resource.  We are using Office 365 during computer lab specials.   Students have access to online apps for PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Sway and more.  All of there work is saved in their personal online account.  They can also upload files to there OneDrive accounts.  

    Office 365 is web-based but students can download the programs to there personal computers and tablets as well.  They each of a license for up to five personal devices.

    Digital 4 and 5

    So, what exactly is Digital 4 and 5?

    Digital 4 5,  also known as D4 and D5, is an initiative by our school district to assign each forth and  fifth grade student a laptop for the entire school year.  Many of the projects, assignments and even tests are digital in today's education. The D4/D5 program helps to give our teachers and students every advatage when it comes to utilizing technology in the classroom.  One of the programs they will be using is Canvas.  They will also be using Office365 and throughout the year.  Fourth and fith grade students have technology as a special as well so that they get even more experience learning the computer skills they will need in middle school and beyond.

    Watch a Digital 5 video clip here.

    If you have a foruth or fifth grade student, ask them about their new laptop. 

    Keyboarding Sites

    Want to become a faster typist? Click the link below to get a list of online keyboarding sites for students.

    Keyboarding Sites

    Students can also login to Single Sign-On and practice keyboarding in

    Sample Computer Lab Projects

    During the first half of the year, our 4th and 5th grade students have been creating multimedia presentations about the following topics.  Yo

    Topics covered:

    Digital Literacy

    Coding and Programming

    Formulas and graphing in spreadsheets (managing a budget)

    Multimedia presentations


    3D Printing (5th grade only)


    Our school has been awarded a grant for robots and our 3rd-5th grade students learn how to program robots as part of their computer specials curriculum. Students learn the basics of coding and participate in several challenges during their computer specials time.  Our younger students also use the robots in STEM class.  Dr. Prochaska and Dr. Cady mentor a robotics club where students can participate in district competitions.