Gardening and Nutrition

  • Gardening and Nutrition

    At Nova Eisenhower, many of our classes research, plan, plant, and maintain school gardens. Our gardens range from butterfly gardens,  bromeliads, cotton, to fruit and vegetable-producing plants.  Nova Eisenhower's gardens provide hands-on experiences that enrich our curriculum. Gardening makes learning interesting and meaningful for our students. Students can connect what they learn in math, social studies, science, reading, health, and writing to what they experience in their classroom gardens. 

    What our students learn in the gardens affects many other aspects of their lives.  Students learn nutrition and healthful eating habits while growing edible fruits and vegetables. Because students have pride and ownership in what they have created, they are more likely to try fruits and vegetables that they have grown themselves!

    At Nova Eisenhower, our gardens provide benefits that go beyond the classroom. Students, teachers, parents, and community members interact to create and care for our gardens. Students develop interpersonal social skills and learn how to work cooperatively with each other.

    Nova Eisenhower's gardens allow urban students to learn in an outdoor environment and to have up-close and personal contact with nature. This in turn appears to be improving our students' environmental attitudes and understanding of concepts! We have found that our students who grow their own vegetables are more likely to taste and like the vegetables that they have grown. Many of our students have planted gardens of their own at home and are producing their own fruits and vegetables!