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    Quiet Waters Elementary School has a comprehensive guidance program available to all students and families. The guidance program has four components: classroom guidance, group counseling, individual brief counseling parent consultation, and referrals.

    Classroom guidance lessons are taught to a whole class. The guidance counselors conduct lessons that are designed to teach the students good social skills in order to be better citizens. Past lessons have been on getting along with others, learning to be assertive, and bullying prevention.

    Group counseling is offered throughout the school year for students who share a common concern. The school social worker, family counselor, and guidance counselor conduct groups ranging from changing families, grief and loss, and social skills groups. Most groups are 30-45 minutes long once a week for 8 weeks. Each group consists of 6-8 students. Students are referred to these groups by parents, teachers, and administration. Group counseling is an excellent way for students to learn new skills, become aware of others’ views and learn new ways of coping with difficult situations.

    Brief individual counseling is available for students who need to talk and work on a particular problem. Parent consultation and referral is always available. There are many excellent resources in Broward County to help families. The guidance counselor can assist you with the appropriate referral.

    Our goal is to provide support and teach skills that a child will need to become a happy, self-accepting, and successful student.


    Guidance Counselor

    Mrs. Susan Donahue 

    Monday-Friday 7:30-3:00 pm

    (754) 322-8100