Become a Volunteer

  • The Worlds Greatest Volunteers takes many helping hands to produce the kind of quality education found at our school.  Our volunteers are a crucial part of the total school program.  They help classroom teachers, work in the Media Center, help in the clinic, tutor students, and assist with school activities. 

    Information about how to become a school volunteer.

    The entire staff at Quiet Waters Elementary School welcomes and appreciates your interest in being a volunteer. There are so many ways that you can be a part of your child’s education and a part of QWE both at school and at home. Volunteers can help in the following ways: In the classrooms, help students reinforce reading and math skills, be a reader or a speaker, assist with class parties, be a field trip chaperone, help with heights and weights, and the list can go on and on.

    Along with the joy of volunteering come some responsibilities. All volunteers must;

    1. Complete an online volunteer registration. ( Get-Involved)
    2. Wear a name badge.
    3. Log in and out of school.
    4. Assist in supervised observable settings only.
    5. Follow all School and District guidelines and policies.

    After you register on line, you will need to wait approximately one week and then come into school with your driver’s license or photo identification to be activated as a volunteer. At this time you will be issued a volunteer badge-that will be good for the entire year.

    If you are considering chaperoning a class field trip for your child at anytime during the school year, you must be a registered volunteer. If this pertains to you, please complete your online volunteer registration.