Peer Counseling

  • Peer Counseling is an elective middle and high school class that provides a full range of services to students, theschool and the zone through structured in school and outreach activities. Peer Counselors are a cross-section of students who act as helpers and active listeners for their fellow students. The course curriculum focuses on prevention. It addresses a multitude of social, individual, school and family concerns and has a focus on violence and substance abuse prevention issues. In addition to helping their peers with individual concerns, the peer counselors provide a variety of other services. They act as conflict mediators and peer tutors, provide classroom presentations on teen issues, welcome new students and promote violence prevention, which includes anti-bullying programs.

    Purpose Of The Program

    The Mission of Peer Counseling is to develop and enhance the health, safety and well being of our youth by focusing on peer education through a comprehensive program and curriculum that encompasses social and emotional skills and awareness, peer mediation, academic opportunity, student service and referral.

    This program trains a select cross-section of students to act as helpers and active listeners for their fellow students.

    The core of the peer counseling program is a strong academic middle and high school curriculum which addresses skill building in communication, problem solving and decision making. It also addresses a multitude of social, individual, school and family concerns. Through careful selection and training, peer counselors increase the likelihood that appropriate help can be received by requesting persons. The focus of the curriculum is preventative. A variety of intervention strategies are employed, however, to educate and motivate students or to involve trained professionals, when needed. The results can be a more positive and safer school climate, healthier students and staff with lower stress levels, and a better utilization of school and community resources.

    What is Peer Counseling?

    Check out the Glades Middle School Peer Counseling Program and what is has to offer by viewing the following videos

    GMS Peer Counseling 2013

    GMS Peer Counseling 2015



    The vision of this Broward County initiative is for youth and families to thrive in safe and healthy neighborhoods, vibrant with opportunities for personal, spiritual, educational and economic growth.


    GMS Videos


    Red Ribbon is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually throughout the United States.


    Anti-Bullying Week was created to raise awareness and provide opportunities for our schools and communities to enhance their bullying prevention efforts.


    The motto of the Harvest Drive is children helping children. Glades Middle and the surrounding schools in the community collect enough food to feed approximately 200 families a week’worth of groceries and Thanksgiving Dinner.

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    ADL hosts a program/training called No Place for Hate®. This was developed to organize schools to work together and develop projects that enhance the appreciation of diversity and foster harmony amongst diverse groups. The campaign empowers schools to promote respect for individual and group differences while challenging prejudice, bigotry, name calling, and bullying.


    No Name Calling incorporates celebrating kindness while working to create safe schools free of name-calling, bullying and bias. Motivated by this simple, yet powerful, idea — and supported by over 60 national partner organizations —No Name-Calling Week is celebrated each year in schools across the nation.

    GMS Videos:

    Project BRAIN (YEAR ROUND)

    The Project Brain health campaign empowers youth to prevent or reduce alcohol consumption. Through the use of the research based Social Norms approach, a change in perception toward alcohol is created resulting in a change in behavior.

    • Broward County Project BRAIN Informational Video
    • Broward County Project BRAIN PSA Video

    GMS Videos:

    S.W.A.T.- Students Working Against Tobacco (YEAR ROUND)

    SWAT is Florida's statewide youth organization working to mobilize, educate and equip Florida youth to revolt against and de-glamorize Big Tobacco. SWAT is a united movement of empowered youth working towards a tobacco free future.