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  • What Happens In Yearbook

    What happens in our Yearbook Class?

    The yearbook class is responsible for producing the annual GMS yearbook. The class is consisted mainly of 7th and 8th graders. Yearbook staff are given the opportunity to study basic photography, interviewing skills, page designs and lay out, and coming up with the theme. Each staff member is assigned a particular portion in yearbook (sports section, clubs, student activities and others). The students are also responsible for the selling and the distribution of the yearbook.

    Who can be a part of the Staff?

    Yearbook needs students that are dedicated, reliable, self-motivated, cooperative, organized, creative, and responsible. Students must also feel comfortable using the computer.

    How often do we meet?

    The Yearbook Class meets daily all school year long.

    Club Advisor

    Richard Ortiz

    Glades Middle Yearbook Information

    Yearbooks have the following yearbooks in stock for a discounted price.

    2005 - 2009 - $5

    2010 - $10

    2011 - $15

    2012 - $20

    2013 - $25

    2014 - $30

    2015 - $35

    2016 - $35

    2017  - $40

  • Who can be a part of the staff

    We're looking for you!

    Interested in a challenging, yet rewarding elective? Can you handle creativity, deadlines, and team work? Then look no further! You can be a part of the Yearbook staff and work on the morning news program, all while learning about effective communication across all forms of media. 

    The application process is important. You must complete the appropriate steps in order to be considered to be a part of this dynamic team. 

    Stop by Mr. Ortiz's classroom and pick up an application. 

  • How often do we meet

    Known as "Multi-Media Production," students meet first period and coordinate their schedule with events at school in order to capture and report on all that happens at GMS. 

    Students who are actviely working on their news for the day, will often show up a little early in order to be prepared for their morning production. 

  • Club Advisor

    Mr. Ortiz photo    Mr. Ortiz has taken on the challenge of creating a
       Multi Media Production class which includes the       creation of the Glades Middle School yearbook.   His experiences  with a magazine as an art director and   graphic designer lends a unique opportunities for     students to gain real world knowledge and experience
     as they work throughout the year on producing the   yearbook.

  • How do I buy a yearbook?

    Last year's issue SOLD OUT.  There are limited quantities of this year's issue "GAME ON! so don't delay and make your purchase today.

    Simply visit the e-store and make your purchase before they are all gone.

    **Remember, you can get a free yearbook if you purchase a full, or half page student dedication space. 

  • Dedication and advertisement pages

    Student Dedication space

    They've come a long Way! Congratulate them for their hard work and accomplishments throughout the year with their own dedicated page in this year's issue "GAME ON!"

    Best of all deals...The purchase of a full or half page dedication will include a yearbook for your student.

    It's Simple:

    1. Purchase your space at the e-store,
    2. Submit a picture or two with a heartfelt personal message of love and support,
    3. We'll do the rest!

    You have a design already? Please follow the submission guidelines.

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    Business Advertisement space

    Interested in supporting the GMS Yearbook?

    Our publication receives no district funding; we are supported solely through business and personal ads and book sales. Our goal this year is to raise enough through display advertising to keep the cost of the yearbook to parents and student as low as possible. Our yearbook will be professionally full color printed and bound by HerfJones.

    Thank you for helping our students build an outstanding 2019 Glades Middle School yearbook!

    Here's how you can get your ad in the yearbook:

    1. Select which as size you would like (see ad spec pricing forms below)
    2. Complete the business and ad information sheet. This document contains submission guidelines (download and print the link below)
    3. You can pay online at our e-store.

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