• What happens in our Yearbook Class?

    The yearbook class is responsible for producing the annual GMS yearbook. The class is consisted mainly of 7th and 8th graders. Yearbook staff are given the opportunity to study basic photography, interviewing skills, page designs and lay out, and coming up with the theme. Each staff member is assigned a particular portion in yearbook (sports section, clubs, student activities and others). The students are also responsible for the selling and the distribution of the yearbook.

    Who can be a part of the Staff?

    Yearbook needs students that are dedicated, reliable, self-motivated, cooperative, organized, creative, and responsible. Students must also feel comfortable using the computer.

    How often do we meet?

    The Yearbook Class meets daily all school year long.

    Club advisor

    Richard Ortiz


    Glades Middle Yearbook Information

    Yearbooks have the following yearbooks in stock for a discounted price.

    2005 - 2009 - $5

    2010 - $10

    2011 - $15

    2012 - $20

    2013 - $25

    2014 - $30

    2015 - $35

    2016 - $40

    2017  - online