• To contact a teacher or an administrator,please call McNab Elementary School (754-322-7050) and leave a voice message for the teacher. 



     PreK: Ms Martin, Mr Rudolph, Ms Morris

    Kindergarden:  Ms Ross, Ms Dilione, Ms Charbonnet, Ms Kinne, Ms Yontef

    1st Grade: Ms. Morgan, Ms. Ernst, Ms. Gold, Ms. Mofsen, Ms. Ramirez, Ms. Colon

    2nd Grade: Ms. Wheaton, Ms. Gore, Ms. Spinks, Ms. Walkes, Ms. McHugh

     3rd Grade: Ms. Ammons, Mr. Cole, Ms. Lasher, Ms. Hudanich Ms. Whalen, Ms. Feby

    4th Grade:  Ms. Degelsmith, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Cousins, Ms. Martin, Ms. Ryan

    5th Grade:  Ms. Harrison, Ms. Heald, Ms. LaPerna, Ms. Jurvic, Ms. Hansberger


    Specials:  Mr. Walker (Music), Ms. Rapp (Art), Ms. Gruetter (Spanish), Mr. Giorgis (PE)


    Literacy Coach:  Ms. Rohlof


    Guidance Counselor:  Courtney Casela


    Office Staff:  Ms. Banecker (Office Manager), Ms. Organ (Clerk), Nurse Lydia, Ms. Garcia (Media Clerk), Ms. Lane (IMT)