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    Hello McNab Family! The 2020-2021 school year is my fourth year at McNab. I am so happy to continue working with our incredible teachers, staff, and kiddos. A little about me - I was born and raised in South Florida and grew up in the Broward County Public Schools system. I am so proud to be a part of the district as an employee! I live nearby with my husband and my two beautiful children. While I am an animal lover through and through, I am allergic to dogs, so I fancy myself a cat person! 
    As your school counselor, I am here to help our students maximize their potential as lifelong learners. I do this by addressing the academic, career, and personal/social domains of their education via schoolwide, classroom, small group, and individual counseling lessons/sessions. On both a personal and professional level, I believe in addressing the heart first (aka, social-emotional well-being). Students cannot be expected to focus and learn when they are carrying around stress and heavy emotions everywhere they go. We have to get to the heart of the matter! See what I did there? 
    On a more serious note, here are some myths and facts about what school counselors do (and don't): 
    Myth: School counselors only help the most needy students.
    Fact: School counselors provide ALL students with a standards based school counseling program to address universal academic, career, and social/emotional development.
    Myth: School counselors can give long-term intensive therapy for students who need it.
    Fact: School counselors provide short-term, brief, solution-focused and structured interventions for students and refer out when a student needs ongoing therapeutic services. It is not appropriate for school counselors to provide regular, long-term, weekly counseling sessions.
    Myth: School counselors and other types of educations can be hired interchangeably.
    Fact: Certified school counselors complete a master's degree program in school counseling. They are uniquely trained in the areas of human development, trauma, relationships, crisis response, and specific counseling/therapy techniques and theories. 
    Myth: School counselors handle discipline and behavior.
    Fact: School counselors are not disciplinarians. It is not appropriate for school counselors to perform disciplinary actions or assign discipline consequences. Those matters are dealt with by an administrator.
    Myth: School counselors love all of their students!
    Fact: This one is totally true! I LOVE my job and I LOVE our kiddos. They are the reason I do what I do. 
    If you ever need to reach me, please feel free to email me at or call the school at 754-322-7050. 
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