School Protocols

  • North Andrews Gardens Elementary School of the Arts prides itself on the outstanding academic achievement of our students. Our programs have been designed to provide the best educational experiences for each child through a variety of opportunities including exposing them to the rich environment that our Visual and Performing Arts program allows. We strive to develop the skills necessary in all our students to become well-rounded, responsible citizens, capable of making the decisions needed in a demanding and ever-challenging society.

    Each year one of our many missions is to increase parent involvement and ensure open communication between the school and our community. Each student in grades 1- 5 is given an agenda planner at the beginning of the year. Students in grades K-5 are also given a communication folder. This will assist us in providing the avenue necessary to reach our goal, which is effective communication with all parents. The planner and folder will accompany each child home daily with informative memos, requests from the teacher, replies to your questions and daily homework. Please make the planner and communication folder a daily conversation piece with your child at home. It is recommended that your student’s planner and folder be placed in a convenient location at home where parents can review it with their child. This will ensure daily conversation between both parent and teacher.