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    “Accelerated Reader is one of the world’s most popular reading programs. The software program, commonly referred to as AR, is designed to motivate students to read and to assess their overall understanding of the books that they are reading. The program was developed by Renaissance Learning Inc., which has several other programs closely related to the Accelerated Reader program.

    Accelerated Reader is essentially a three-step program. Students first read a book (fiction or nonfiction), magazine, textbook, etc. Students may read individually, as a whole group, or in small group settings. Students then individually take the quiz that corresponds with what they just read. AR quizzes are assigned a point value based on the overall level of the book.

    Teachers often set weekly, monthly, or yearly goals for the number of points they require their students to earn.

    Students who score below a 60% on the quiz do not earn any points. Students who score a 60% - 99% receive partial points. Students who score a 100% receive full points. Teachers then use the data generated by these quizzes to motivate students, monitor progress, and target instruction.”


    The Superintendent’s Reading Motivation Project

    READING ACROSS BROWARD is the “umbrella” under which all reading motivation programs in Broward County’s public schools fall. Students receive recognition for their reading, can participate in distance learning events, book discussions, online author chats, and other activities that involve them in their reading.

    Some schools use Reading Record Sheets for recording titles of the books they read. These sheets are returned to the school’s media specialist in April to receive recognition based on the criteria on each sheet.

    Examples of some reading motivation programs that fall under the “umbrella” of READING ACROSS BROWARD are:

    State Laws and Programs on Reading

    Every Student Succeeds Act -

    Just Read, Florida -

    Sunshine State Young Readers Award

    The Florida Association for Media in Education presents a list of fifteen books per age group for students statewide to read or listen to. In March-April, the students vote for their favorite. A new reading list is provided annually.

    Program info -

    Jr. Award, Kindergarten-Grade 2 -

    Award, Grades 3-5 -

    Award, Grades 6-8 -

    BookIt!®, Pre-K - Grade 8

    Sponsored by PizzaHut®, students may read any books in an effort to reach their individualized monthly goal in an effort to receive incentives. There is no reading list; students may read any books they choose.

    BookIt! Site -

    Accelerated Reader® and Reading Counts® (All grades)

    Students select books from a wide range of titles based on their readability level. After reading the books, students take a computerized comprehension test, receiving points based on the difficulty and length of the book.

    AR Book Finder -

    AR Product Page -

    Scholastic Reading Counts! Book Expert Online -

    There are many other reading motivation programs that may be used within each school. Your school’s media specialist and reading specialist will be the best contact to find out more about which programs are utilized at your school.