• Reading a book  

    Media Center Procedures

    Take good care of our books.

    Return books on time.

    Books may be checked out for one week and may be renewed two times.

    2 books may be checked out at a time.

    1st Semester Kindergartners will be allowed 1 book.

    Use whisper voices.  

    Sight Word Lists for Grades K-5

    The Fry word list or instant words are widely accepted to contain the most used words in reading and writing. The list is divided into ten levels and then divided into groups of twenty-five words, based on frequency of use and difficulty. Fifth grades should be able to read all of the words on the list by the end of the year. It is important for young readers to instantly recognize these words by sight in order to build up their reading fluency. It is also important for readers to practice words in meaningful context through phrase and sentence reading practice. As a follow up activity, students can practice writing short sentences including Fry words. Check out these websites for more sight word activities. 

    Check for additional Fry word lists and lessons

    Sunshine State Young Readers Award

    This program is for students in grades 3rd-5th and is a statewide reading motivation effort. Students read from a new group of 15 fiction novels each year, whose authors are nominated for this award. After students read at least 3 of these novels, they qualify to vote in April for their favorite and the results are tallied throughout the state. These forms are also available in our Media Center throughout the year.

    About E-Tutor-Live Homework Help

    Students from 4th through 12th grades now may receive free homework assistance from expert tutors in Math, Science, Social Studies and English during live, individualized tutoring sessions.

    Students and tutors can review specific homework questions for up to 20-minutes using features such as controlled chat, interactive white board and shared Web browsing in the Online Classroom. Tutors are certified teachers, college professors, and graduate students from across the country. Tutoring is also offered in Spanish. 

    E-Tutor Availability 

    E-Tutor- Live Homework Help is available from 2:00 - 10:00 P.M., Monday through Sunday. 

    E-Tutor Access 

    To access E-Tutor you must have a computer with Internet connection, a browser such as Netscape and/or MS Explorer. You will also need a Broward County Library card. When at the site, follow the on-line instructions. 

    For more information call the Broward County Library Youth Services Administration at 954.357.7336.  

    Magazines Available Online for Free Within Your Library

    Popular Magazines Are Now Available Online for Free with Your Broward County Library Card. Hundreds of free magazines can be read on your computer or tablet.

    Broward County Libraries now offers more than 300 digital magazines for free via Zinio Digital Magazine Newsstand. This new service allows readers to view popular magazines or download them to any computer or mobile device. Using this free service, you can enjoy the latest issue of a favorite magazine and even subscribe to them to get magazines monthly, seeing the exact features, photos and even ads as well as online extras such as audio, video and live links.

    Magazines are not checked out and there are no subscription limits so there is never a need to place a hold or wait to read any magazines. To get started using Zinio, you’ll need a library card and an email account.    

    For more information, please contact Stephen Grubb, 954.357.7977 or by email at sgrubb@browardlibrary.org.  

    Spelling City 

    The School District has collaborated with the owners of Spelling City and has entered our spelling words into their website.

    Not only are the spelling lists on the site, but the students can test themselves, and/or play the online game with the spelling words for that week. Best of all it's free. 


    If you love to read and help children then volunteering in the Media Center is a wonderful opportunity. We are looking for dedicated individuals to help with the following areas.

    Shelve books

    Prepare materials

    Assist with book fair

    Type certificates

    Assist with inventory 

    If you are interested, please contact the Media Specialist.  Before volunteering, you must complete the on-line application at Get Involved in Education. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Book Donation Policy

    We sincerely welcome gifts and donations in the form of materials or monetary funds. All donations are reviewed according to the collection and development policy and must meet the same criteria as all other items. Books not accepted for the collection will be disposed of in a manner determined by the library. The use and disposal will be at the discretion of the LMS in the interest in maintaining an appropriate and balanced collection.
    The donation should meet the following criteria before adding to the collection. The offered items are within the scope of the library’s collection and their use falls within the stated library mission.

    The library has enough time and resources to process and maintain the offered items.

    The item does not unnecessarily duplicate materials already held.

    The item’s condition is acceptable.

    The library has space to store the donated items.

    The item is supportive of the school's curriculum or interests of faculty and students and is on an appropriate elementary school academic level.