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     Reading Corner

    We encourage all parents to spend time reading to and with your child. One way to prevent your child from losing any of the skills and knowledge acquired in school is by reading daily.

    Provide quiet time for your child to read to him/herself and to listen to you read a story every day. When you or your child has completed a book, take the time to ask your child questions about the story.

    • Who are the main characters?
    • What can you tell me about the characters?
    • Where does the story take place?
    • If their characters encountered a problem, how did he/she solve it?
    • What did the story remind you of or make you think about?
    • What was your favorite part of the story and why?

    Anytime provides a wonderful opportunity for you to share the experience with your child.

    According to the Florida Department of Education's website, Just Read, Families! "Research shows that children who do not continue reading through the summer can lose a month or more of progress made during the school year. By encouraging their children to read daily, parents are playing a critical role in achieving our goal of having every child reading at or above grade level.

    READ!    READ!    READ!   READ!

    If you are interested in utilizing on-line reading resources, below are some suggested links


    Just Read Florida

    Storyline online


    International Childrens Library 

    Story Nory

    Oxford Owl