Science Links

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    The science program at Oakland Park Elementary follows the guidelines set forth by Broward County.  The Next Generation Sunshine State Standards guide the Curriculum.  The bodies of knowledge studied include: The Nature of Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.  This year the students of Broward County are using a new science series, Science Fusion.Science Fusion was constructed as a program to engage students with a digital curriculum, hands on activities, and a student book that promotes active learning.   The design of this program is not a “sit and get” but a program designed to make students think each step of the way.  The goal was that each page turn, each mouse click, each hands on activity would engage students in the inquiry process.  

    At Oakland Park Elementary the students enjoy science in various ways.  The classroom teachers use the interactive book to introduce science and the digital virtual labs to provide meaningful and exciting hand-on experiences.  They also include in class hands-on labs and science centers for discovery learning.  Science education is completed with visits to the Science Resource Room for more in-depth learning experiences.  During science special the students engage in many different types of inquiry activities.  Science inquiry is not limited to the classroom.  Oakland Park has an active recycling program and participates in the Great American Clean-up every year.  We also celebrate Earth Day each April with special activities designed to help students respect the Earth.  Finally, we have a beautiful butterfly garden in the courtyard area of the school.  The students see the lifecycle of the butterflies in real life. Many butterflies make our school their home, and it is not unusual to see three species of butterflies at one time.  Both students and adults marvel at the beauty.

    Science is a subject that is loved at Oakland Park Elementary!