• Performing and Visual Arts

    Walker is a Performing and Visual Arts Magnet School where students and faculty shine with pride.  the arts convey knowledge expansion from the study of other subjects.  Courses for students are offered in  Band, Chorus, and Drama.

    Walker’s kindergarten through second-grade students are exposed to performing arts classes on a rotating schedule.  However, students in grades three through grades 5 are surveyed to determine their major and minor area of focus.  These students attend both classes on a rotating basis.  Students learn from a highly qualified staff of Performing Arts teachers who are experts in their field.

    If you would like to know more about our program or would like to schedule a visit to our schools, please contact the office at (754) 322 - 8800

     Our goal for students is to enrich their lives through an understanding and enjoyment of the arts.

    Check our Walker Calendar for the next Magnet Open House at Walker Elementary.