Safety Patrol

  • Safety Patrol Program

    It is a program that allows our 5th grade students the opportunity to help care for some of the needs of our school. A Faculty Advisor will supervise the program. By participating in the program, the students will:

    Monitor the hallways
    This includes helping students find and get to their classes as well as, making sure that all students observe the guidelines set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.

    Door Monitors
    Students will be assigned certain sections of the school to monitor doors. They will be in charge of letting students into the school to line up in front of their classrooms. This will be an especially important function, as it will allow for our younger students to be admitted to the school in a safe and timely manner.

    Bus Drop-Off Monitors
    Students will work in a bus section normally their own, to insure that other students are following the Student Code of Conduct. The Patrol member will guide students to the proper waiting area before and/or after school.

    Cafeteria Duty
    Patrol members will be asked to monitor the school’s cafeteria in the morning before school starts. Some of as the duties including guiding students to proper trash receptacles for disposal of trash and observing students behavior to make sure it is in accord with the Student Code of Conduct.


    Mrs. Elaine Heyman

    3rd Grade Teacher & Team Leader