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    Our 21st Century teacher is Mr. BJ Albright. 

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    Media Center Procedures
    Remember your library card!  It's your passport to borrow library books.
    Take good care of our books.
    Return books on time.  Books may be checked out for one week and may be renewed two times.
    2 books may be checked out at a time.  1st Semester Kindergartners will be allowed 1 book. 
    Use whisper voices.

    If you love to read and help children then volunteering in the Media Center is a wonderful opportunity.  We are looking for dedicated individuals to help with the following areas.

    shelve books
    prepare materials
    assist with book fair
    type certificates
    assist with inventory
    If you are interested, please contact the Media Specialist.  Before volunteering, you must complete the on-line application at  We look forward to hearing from you!


    Book Donation Policy
    We sincerely welcome gifts and donations in the form of materials or monetary funds. All donations are reviewed according to the collection and development policy and must meet the same criteria as all other items. Books not accepted for the collection will be disposed of in a manner determined by the library. The use and disposal will be at the discretion of the LMS in the interest in maintaining an appropriate and balanced collection.
    The donation should meet the following criteria before adding to the collection.

    The offered items are within the scope of the library’s collection and their use falls within the stated library mission.
    The library has enough time and resources to process and maintain the offered items.
    The item does not unnecessarily duplicate materials already held.
    The item’s condition is acceptable.
    The library has space to store the donated items.
    The item is supportive of the school's curriculum or interests of faculty and students and is on an appropriate elementary school academic level.

    We now have EBOOKS! Follow the information and link below to get to this wonderful resource!

    Please have your students start reading your eBooks at: your site address:
    your student login: sunsetlakes (all one word no spaces)
    your student password: EAGLE (must be in caps)
    Each student will be asked to input their ID card number and name.

    Reading Across Broward

    The Reading Across Broward record sheets may be downloaded as follows:
     Level 1: Grades K-2, Level 2: Grades 3-5. For information about this reading program please contact Mrs Bierwiler, media specialist, or your child's teacher. Record sheets are due to the classroom teacher no later than March 21, 2013.




    TumbleBooks is pleased to announce the launch of our new site for iPad and mobile devices!!
    Anyone logging into TumbleBookLibrary from an iPad or iPhone will be redirected to the iPad content.
    Or you can access the iPad site through the “Choose” drop down menu on the top right hand corner of the site.
    You can also view the TumbleBooks iPad site with 2 clicks on your iPad.
    Simply follow the instructions below:
    •    Post onto your school/library webpage a direct link to your TumbleBookLibrary account
    •    Open up your Safari Web browser on the home screen of your iPad by tapping its icon.
    •    Go to the school/library web page where your TumbleBooks direct link is posted by typing its location into the address bar and pressing Go - you       want to create a shortcut for it.

    •    Press the button to the immediate left of the address bar, which is shaped like a small box with an arrow pointing to the right.
    •    Select "Add to Home Screen" and type a name for the shortcut's icon that will be displayed on the home screen of your iPad.
    •    Tap the small blue "Add" button in the upper right corner of the "Add to Home" box. The shortcut will be saved to the iPad's home screen and will return you to the Web page when tapped.
    **With this set up you can simply tap the shortcut on your home screen of your iPad and tap the TumbleBooks icon that will bring users to the iPad site of the library/school’s TumbleBookLibrary account.
    In the next few weeks, you will see new content for all of the categories - including new educational games, quizzes and book reports built specifically for the iPad and mobile platform.
    Every TumbleBook in the Story Book, Language Learning and Non fiction categories will be converted to an iPad compatible format. All our National Geographic videos - and the books they are paired with - will also be available in our new site.
    In the next few weeks, all our audio books, both in the TumbleBookCloud and AudioBookCloud collections, will also be iPad, iPhone and mobile compatible.
    And keep your eyes out for a brand new Playlist feature which we will launch shortly.
    We still have a little work to do on the iPad site but you will see it growing and getting better every day.
    Please note the iPad site is not an app and is accessed through your browser.
    Happy Tumbling!