Media Center

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    GOAL: TME’s Media operates on both a flexible and scheduled access system which enables students to meet their full potential for learning, reading, and technological experiences. In addition to serving as an information center, this center provides a variety of recreational materials to meet the needs of our students and faculty.

    *What do you need to know about your media center *


    Media Center Procedures


    Media Center hours are from 8:00 am - 2 pm 

    Book checkout

    Students will check out books on weekly basis. Primary students will be able to check out one book weekly. It is important that books are treated with care, so do not let your friends or siblings hold your book because you are responsible for the book that is checked out to you.  Students in grades K and 1 will not be able to take library books home so teachers will check out books under their name.

    Intermediate Students will be able to check out two books at a time on a bi-weekly basis (this is based on teacher’s discretion).  Teams will need to schedule a book checkout time with Ms. Gonzalez to avoid conflicts.

    All students are required to return books in a timely manner or will be required to pay for lost or damaged library books per Broward County



    Media Center hours are from 8:15am -2:00pm

    Teachers, please do not let your students take library books to the cafeteria instead allow them to utilize your classroom library during lunchtime. Teachers may check out up to 25 books at a time. Books are checked out for 14 days only and may be renewed if the materials are needed longer. If the media staff is not available to check out books, a book reservation form located in the request bin must be completed and placed the books of choice. Teachers will be notified by email when their request is ready.  Books should be returned to the book drop located on the side of the circulation desk. 

    The media staff looks forward to working with you and your students. Thank in advance for your cooperation and support.



    If you love to read and help children then volunteering in the Media Center is a wonderful opportunity.  We are looking for dedicated individuals to help with the following areas.

    • shelve books
    • prepare materials
    • assist with BookFair
    • type certificates
    • assist with inventory


    Book Donation Policy

    We sincerely welcome gifts and donations in the form of materials or monetary funds. All donations are reviewed according to the collection and development policy and must meet the same criteria as all other items. Books not accepted for the collection will be disposed of in a manner determined by the library. The use and disposal will be at the discretion of the LMS in the interest in maintaining an appropriate and balanced collection.
    The donation should meet the following criteria before adding to the collection.

    • The offered items are within the scope of the library’s collection and their use falls within the stated library mission.
    • The library has enough time and resources to process and maintain the offered items.
    • The item does not unnecessarily duplicate materials already held.
    • The item’s condition is acceptable.
    • The library has space to store the donated items.
    • The item is supportive of the school's curriculum or interests of faculty and students and is on an appropriate elementary school academic level.