The Annual BCCTM Competition took place on Saturday, April 7th at Indian Ridge Middle School in Davie. Seventeen 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students were selected from Math Club to compete in the Team and Individual Rounds. 
    6th-Grade Pre-Alg.
    Congratulations to 6th graders Sophie Franklin, Jacob Janecek, Brance Milgrim, and Vincent Phan who competed in the Pre-Algebra 6 category!  Congratulations to Vimala Goolcharan who competed in the EMF 6 category!
    7th-Grade Alg.
    Congratulations to 7th graders Nelson Delarue, Dylan Friedland, Adam Horvitz, and Tyler Van Horn who competed in the Algebra 7 category!
    8th-Grade Alg.
    Congratulations to 8th graders Tra’nia Bethel,  Schadrac Cherilus, Sadil Ghazawnah, and Isabelle St. Leger who competed in the Algebra 8 category!  


    8th-Grade Geo.
    Congratulations to 8th graders Miranda Anstett, Karina Samuel, Ethan Scheller, and Vivek Sreejithkumar who competed in the Geometry 8 category!
    Ms. Pacca is extremely proud of all their hard work and the effort put forth at practices each week to prepare for this year's competition!