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    One School with two great programs and your child deserves both

    This magnet program prepares students for a diverse, ever changing world and gives them the necessary skills to pursue career goals.  The STEM theme focuses on STEM literacy, which includes literacy in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The four areas of STEM are interrelated and are taught through interdisciplinary models beginning in the sixth through eighth grades.  Students have multiple opportunities to participate in inquiry-based projects, working in small groups or individually on problem solving/research– based activities that connect students with others to develop solutions to global issues.

A key feature of the STEM learning environment is a Virtual Science and Mathematics lab that fosters independent, as well as team learning, among all students.  Students participate in math and science virtual environments that challenge them to see for themselves if their hypothesis work.  In the Strength in Numbers (Math) lab, students are exposed to Mechanical and Civil Engineering.  In  Science (Science) lab, students are exposed to Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanics. 

The goal of the program is for students to explore the world around them through field experiences developed in conjunction with project partners.  For example, students visit the South Florida Science Museum  for a science lesson.  Other visits include a trip to the Broward County Traffic Engineering Facility or to the Medical School at Florida Atlantic University.  Partnerships with the following groups provide students with learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom: FAU, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida Engineering Society, Museum of Discovery and Science, METIS and Associates, and Broward College.


    The SELECT+ program (Students Embracing a Learning Environment for Collegiate Training) is specifically for those students scoring Level 4 or 5 on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). The SELECT+ program is a rigorous academic program taught by gifted endorsed teachers that includes advanced coursework in literature, mathematics, foreign language, humanities, and the sciences. Prepares students for success in high school Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college-level work. This innovative program includes virtual field trips through Distance Learning, project-based learning incorporating technology through GLIDES, and field trips to Florida colleges and universities. Upon completion of the program, your child may earn up to six high school credits.
    In addition to rigorous academics, a variety of extracurricular activities are offered. Students will have the opportunity to participate in intramural and team sports including soccer, basketball, track and field, and flag football. Elective offerings include band, chorus, technology, TV Production, Spanish I & II, Speech I, and Debate I. A variety of clubs are also available: Academic Games, Book Club, Drama, Human Relations Council, National Junior Honor Society, and Student Council to name just a few.
    As part of our school philosophy, we believe that our students should be well rounded. The Margate Cares philosophy encourages students to participate in community service projects supporting various causes and organizations. Harvest Food Drive, beach clean-up, and “Macaroni & Cheese” Drive for Kids in Distress are among the many service activities promoted through Margate Cares. The SELECT+ program ensures that students participate in a culture of academic excellence thus preparing them for today’s global world.


    Registration Requirements


    In boundary students:

    -FCAT Levels 4and 5;
     3 with teacher recommendation
    -Earn high school credit
    -Distance Learning
    -Gifted certified teachers
    Learning Initiative through Digital Education for Students

     STEM +

    Accepted if residing in            
      Margate, Deerfield Beach,           
      Pompano, Coconut Creek
      and Parts of North Lauderdale
    -No academic criteria
    -Earn automatic seat in a
      Magnet high school
    -Distance Learning and Virtual  
    -STEM trained teachers and
      college professors
    -Specialized curriculum with
      quarterly projects


    Earn High School credits in Algebra, Geometry, Speech, Debate, and Spanish
    Electives: Art, Band, Chorus, Civil Engineering Lab, Biomedical Engineering Lab, Foreign Language, Technology Lab, Physical Education, Tutoring.
    Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Track & Field, Flag Football & Cheerleading

    Margate Middle School
    A Broward County Innovative Magnet Program School

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