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    "Shark Singers"

    Vocal Chorus is a beginning elective course designed for students at the sixth through eighth-grade levels. Students must show a high interest in singing and have high confidence in performing before their peers and a broad audience. Basic vocal techniques are traversed in a variety of music styles which include necessary music reading skills and the theory/history of the selected piece. Mass school performances are mandatory and meaningful components of this organization.

    Contact Person:  Mrs. Herlande Prospere
    Room/Location:  Peer Counselor/Chorus Room 303
    Rehearsals are only done during that class period.

    If you are interested in joining this AWESOME group of "Shark Singers," you must select Chorus as your first ELECTIVE CHOICE on your course selection card.

    Please keep in mind that Elective courses are awarded upon availability.

    I Hope to see you in CHORUS!
    Mrs. Prospere