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    Circulation Policies

    Material Checkout


    All materials MUST be checked out of the media center.  Two books per patron are allowed to be checked out for all grades. The checkout time frame is for two weeks. Books may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks if needed.

    When more resources are needed for projects or reports, please see the Media Specialist.


    Faculty may checkout unlimited materials. Faculty circulation period is for 30 days and books may be renewed if materials are not reserved by another teacher. The Media Specialist will reserve titles upon request.


    Two books per patron are allowed to be checked out for a two-week time frame, and renewed if needed.

    Reserving And Requesting Materials:

    Reserving materials:  To reserve materials for student use, please contact your Media Specialist.

    Requesting materials:  For teachers who wish to request materials for their classroom, please contact the Media Specialist. The materials will be checked out to the teacher.


    All patrons have access to Destiny, but only teachers and students can log in giving them more choices than a Guest.

    Students: Login (Username: student number )Password: birthday information: 00/00/0000 with slashes

    Teachers: Login Username: (P + 8 digit P#)Password: (8 digit P # without the P)

    Searching Destiny Catalog:



    1. Enter a search term in the search box.

    2. Click on Keyword Search, Title, Author, Subject, Series or just hit Enter Button on computer

    3. See Book Results and ask Media Specialist for further assistance if needed

    4. Want to see books AND websites, click on ONE SEARCH, and you get both

    Note : You can narrow your search in the Narrow Your Search To Box. (See drop down menu choice, such as Material Type).


    1. Click on Power Search Tab

    2. Here you can limit your search even more by typing in your keyword and selecting AND, OR, NOT

    For example: Sharks AND Whales, Sharks OR Whales, Sharks NOT Whales. Using these words, called Boolean Operators help to further narrow your search


    1. Need to use a visual search, just type in keyword and see your results in pictures


    1. Found on the Basic Search screen once the search term has been entered. Using ONE SEARCH allows you to see both book & website results

    2. ONE SEARCH is also seen at the very bottom of the POWER SEARCH page


    1. Download the Destiny Quest App at

    2. Enter the URL:

    3. Select your school and login through Destiny Quest with your student or teacher login on the left


    1. Enter the URL in your browser of

    2. Select your School

    3. Login (Directions above under Using the Online Catalog- Destiny.

    4. Destiny Quest is part of the Destiny catalog where you can see the top 10 books (available or checked out), Resource Lists with helpful information, New titles and a Drag & Drop box where you can select a title from any list and click on ADD TO LIST or Drag and Drop it  for future reference

    5. You can customize the background of this Destiny Quest page by clicking on the Paintbrush in the upper right of page.

    6.  Click on my info to see your checkout information

    7.  Click on Follett Shelf to see ebooks or do searches from Destiny Quest

    8.  To return to the main catalog page of Destiny, click EXIT at the top right of page


    Research Information:

    There are many ways to connect to the Research programs offered by Broward County School District. These FREE programs have been evaluated by educators and relate to the school curriculum.

    1. Connect to all research sources via Broward SSO


    Electronic Citation Directions:

    1. Go to your browser from school/home to to create your list of References Used within your research paper.  Select MLA or APA format and stay consistent with the format. Create the citation and submit it.  Copy finished citation & paste it into your Word Document.  Remember to keep all citations arranged in alpha order by author.

    2. is another free citation site

    3. Citations are also created in Destiny and you can copy & paste these into a word document. See Media Specialist

    Broward County Research Programs Brochure:

    Distributed to all students and teachers via Language Arts. The brochure states all Home Access Passwords. Passwords for the research programs are NOT required when used in school.

    Ebooks & Research Databases Mobile Access:

    Professional Library:

    Contains resources for professional educators and administrators.
    Housed at Broward County Main Library.  Tel -(954) 357-7177

    Broward Library Media Services