School Protocols

  • Makeup Work

    Make-up work is allowed for full credit and grade for excused and unexcused absences. All make-up work must be submitted within two days, not including the day of return, for each day of an absence. Previously assigned work is due the day of return. Under extenuating circumstances and at the teacher's discretion, additional time may be allowed. Teachers may, at their discretion, record a 10% reduction in the grade for tests and major projects that meet the standards or proficiency. Teachers may also, at their discretion, record the lowest passing grade (e.g., "D" or "60") for homework, unless less than 50% of the work was successuflly completed.

    Bus Transportation

    Bus transportation is available for students living two or more miles from school by the shortest walking distance. Students must abide by rules of common courtesy and vehicular safety at all times. The privilege to ride can be withdrawn for disruptive or unsatisfactory conduct. All students are under the authority of the driver while being transported and must obey his/her request. Food and drinks may not be consumed on the bus. Only students assigned to the bus may ride. Students are not permitted to change buses without the prior clearance from the Transportation Office. Students who miss the bus in the afternoon must report at once to an assistant principal or grade level center to call a parent for pick up.

    Bus schedules will be mailed in August from the Department of Transportation.


    All bicycles should be locked securely in the school's bike rack; each student must use his/her own lock. Students are not allowed to loiter in the bike rack area. Students on bicycles must not ride in the motor vehicular areas or on school grounds. Bicycle riders should be alert for pedestrians. They should adhere to safety rules, must wear bike helmets, and use common sense when operating their bicycle. Bicycle riders need to respond appropriately to adult supervisors during arrival and dismissal times. Bikes must be walked while on campus.