• Our curriculum is designed to challenge students to become the best they can be. We strive to individualize instruction, through differentiated instruction, in order to maximize our students’ learning potential. We nurture our students’ academic growth with academic rigor and research-based teaching and learning strategies.

    Plantation Middle School’s Curriculum strives to:

    • Provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for success as well as failure, while promoting physical and mental well-being.
    • Develop life-long learners.
    • Offer opportunities to develop moral and ethical citizens and leaders.
    • Encourage students to be responsible for their own actions.
    • Engender creative self-expression.
    • Encourage independent and critical thinking.
    • Teach respect and understanding of individual differences.
    • Encourage clear and articulate communication in spoken and written form.
    • Have students understand the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge.
    • Promote proficiency in technology as a tool for learning.


    ACCEL Legislation

    In accordance with 1002.3105 of the Florida Statutes, all Broward County Public Schools must provide educational options that provide academically challenging curriculum or accelerated instruction to all eligible K-12 students and inform parents and students of these options. As defined by this legislation: Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) options must include:

    • whole grade and mid-year promotion
    • subject matter acceleration
    • virtual instruction in higher level grade subjects
    • a high school Credit Acceleration Program (CAP) via End of Course Exams (EOC)

    These options are available at each school to students who meet specific eligibility criteria.

    In addition, each school, at the principal’s discretion, may offer additional acceleration options designed to meet the unique needs of their student population.

    Parents interested in having their students participate in an ACCEL option should contact their principal for further information regarding student eligibility and procedural requirements of participation.

    All options offered meet the intent of this legislation and are in compliance with policy and procedure as set forth by the Broward County School Board Policy 6000.1.