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    World languages French and Spanish are two of the most spoken languages in the world.  Hollywood Hills High School takes care to prepare its students for college level foreign language classes.  Language fluency and cultural awareness are the primary aims of the World Languages Department.

    Message from the Chair 

    The Department of World Languages supports Hollywood Hills High School's mission by providing student-centered courses designed by dedicated faculty members who have extensive knowledge and experience in their fields and a deep commitment to teaching, scholarship, and service. The Department prides itself on exposing students to an array of studies in the fields of language, literature, and writing which will prepare them to contribute to communities at home and abroad by fostering cultural awareness; developing individual critical, analytical, and creative capacities; and encouraging habits of the mind that will facilitate success in rapidly changing academic and professional worlds.

    Our courses at Hollywood Hills High School are designed to impart an analytical grasp of the traditions and complexities of the Spanish- and/or French-speaking world. The rich cultural and literary expressions of Spain and Latin America present the context for a classroom environment that builds strong conversational skills and immerses the student in intensive language use. Similarly, the department introduces students to the rich literary traditions of the Francophone world.  Classroom instruction and discussions take place entirely in Spanish or French, and Hollywood Hills High School's strategic position in South Florida also offers students numerous opportunities to use the Spanish and French languages interactively.

    Ms. Monica Espinoza
    Department Chair


    The Department of World Languages at Hollywood Hills High School will be recognized as one of the top language programs among high schools in Broward County.  The department embraces and enhances the school's global vision by

    • emphasis on interdisciplinary programming
    • innovative language instruction
    • a wide range of language offerings
    • outstanding faculty members interacting with a culturally diverse student body.


    World languages are an essential component of the great tradition of teaching and learning at Hollywood Hills High School.  By teaching students to communicate in other languages, allowing them to gain knowledge and an understanding of other cultures and providing them with insight into the nature of language and culture, the programs in the Department of World Languages play a critical role in preparing students for the personal and professional challenges of a multicultural society and a global marketplace. 

  • World Languages FacultyDepartment Chair

    • Mr. Rommel Eliacin
    • Mrs. Monica Espinoza, Department Chair