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    Welcome Students and Parents to the Guidance and Counseling website.  Feel free to explore the links to the left of the page for important links and topics of interest, or read below for important information regarding our Guidance and School Counseling Department.

    Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Hollywood Hills High School Guidance Department is to provide a program designed to facilitate the educational and social/emotional needs of students so that they may reach their full potential.  This approach focuses on the prevention of problems by providing all students with appropriate age skills and guidance information.

    School Counselors strive to meet the developmental needs of all students and respond to the special cultural and social needs and interests of individual students.  Counseling students, consulting with staff, parents and community members and integrating the school's guidance program into the instructional program are among the primary responsibilities of the school counselor.  School Counselors do not make decisions for students, but help them and their parents acquire facts and ideas to make decisions. 

    The Guidance program ensures that the skills of the school counselor are used to optimal advantage.  The Guidance program works in conjunction with other school personnel, programs and community resources.  Parents are kept informed of programs and are encouraged to participate in the development of students.




  • How do I see my Counselor?

    Counselors are often available before school, during lunch, after school, and always by appointment.

  • School Counseling Director

    Mrs. Floydian Reid

     Cambridge/Spartan Honors & ELMA



  • School Counselor

    Ms. Tiffany Dean- Mobley

    Grades 12

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    Book an appointment with Mrs. Dean-Mobley 11th Grade: Click Here

  • School Counselor

    Mr. Malik Jackson

    Grade 9 & Grade 10 A-L

  • School Counselor

    Ms. Desirae Williams

    Grade 10 M-Z & Grade 11