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    Students in Grades 6 - 8 who meet the following criteria are eligible for sports:


    The Broward County Public Schools Standards of Services Policy (6000.1) embraces national, state, and district standards of excellence in regard to student performance.

    Eligibility to participate in interscholastic and extra-curricular activities is considered a privilege.  The district’s Student Code of Conduct sets forth the educational requirements to participate in interscholastic athletics.


    • To maintain eligibility, a student must be receiving passing grades.
    • A student must obtain a 2.0 or above cumulative grade point average (GPA) in all courses taken.  Courses for graduation include all attempted credits in high school.
    • All students must maintain satisfactory conduct in order to participate in interscholastic, athletic, and extra-curricular activities.  Eligibility to participate in after-school activities is a privilege.  Only students meeting requirements established by their team and school shall be eligible to serve as representatives of their school on the team.

    INSURANCE (School Insurance of Florida)

    • Every athlete is required to have proof of insurance on file in the school’s athletic department.
    • If an athlete does not have personal/family insurance, 24-hour accident/injury insurance can be purchased from a School Board-approved vendor.

    PHYSICALS/PERMISSION FORMS (School Entry Health Exam)

    • Each athlete is required to undergo a preparticipation physical evaluation and be certified as being physically fit for participation in interscholastic athletics.  The physical evaluation IS VALID FOR ONE YEAR from the date that it was administered.  The athlete and parent or guardian must sign this form.
    • Each athlete is required to have a Consent and Release from Liability Certificate on file. The type of insurance the athlete has must be declared on the form, as well as a current copy of the insurance card submitted with the form.  The parent or guardian must sign the permission form.


    The district recognizes that while families have the primary responsibility for teaching character, we know that the best way to influence student behavior is to have the good character modeled by respected adults in their environment.  The School Board of Broward County has adopted eight (8) characteristics as part of the Broward County Public School’s Standard of Service Policy (6000.1).  Through integrating character education into existing school activities, we will continue to provide quality education in a safe and secure learning environment.  For more information on Character Education, please refer to the Student Code of Conduct Book.

    The eight characters of education are:

    • Responsibility
    • Citizenship
    • Kindness
    • Respect
    • Honesty
    • Self-Control
    • Tolerance
    • Cooperation

    Participation in sports and extra-curricular activities helps prepare students to become productive citizens.  The eight-character traits assist students in learning the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-discipline.  Through integrating character education into athletic and extra-curricular activities, we will continue to ensure that all students receive a quality education, within a safe and secure learning environment.


    Important Forms Needed

    COVID Release Form

    Parental Permission and Insurance Form

    School Health Exam Form