Cambridge International Program





    The Cambridge classes encourage students to use problem-solving skills to access and link together knowledge from across all standards. Cambridge academic content is cross-curricular and empasizes understanding issues through a global perspective. Cambridge classes promote group work, projects, and individual work, as well as encourage the use of reasoning and communication skills. Content is based on Florida Standards with educational enhancements based on the Cambridge Assessment International Education Standards (Cambridge Standards). Implementation of Cambridge Standards assists teachers in delivering innovative, student-centered, inquiry-based learning in a highly collaborative environment that promotes higher level questioning. Performance tasks are imbedded within the curriculum to provide students the opportunity to apply their knowledge when given authentic context. These tasks require much more than just recall and recognition of facts and concepts. Students are required to transfer their learning to new content-rich problems that may include multiple standards within one performance task. Students are given the opportunity – through various resources, performance tasks, and activities – to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged learners.


    Cambridge Courses

    • Inquiry-based learning that encourages students to explore concepts (advanced courses are teacher facilitated for acquisition of concepts for students)
    • Pacing of curriculum is accelerated and flexible (pacing of curriculum in advanced courses is balanced and strategic)
    • Less teacher guidance needed to activate prior knowledge (in advanced courses, teacher guidance is needed to activate prior knowledge)
    • Student-centered environment with emphasis on self-direction (advanced classes are teacher- and student-centered)
    • Content coverage of state standards with greater depth and higher levels of complexity
    • Problem-solving on more complex, open-ended questions