School Policies

  • Our school is proud to provide a safe and secure learning environment - an environment that fosters intellectual development, creativity, and friendships.  These policies and guidelines enable us to create, sustain, and grow this wonderful community at Sunrise Middle School.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our School Policies. 

    Thank you.

    Parent Information

    Students are not permitted on campus prior to 8:15 am and must leave campus no later than 4 pm unless participating in extra-curricular or athletic activities.

    Bus Rules

    The following rules have been established to provide safe transportation for all bus pupils.

    By reason of authority delegated to the bus driver by the school principal, the driver has absolute authority over the students while they are riding the bus.
    Students who ride the bus are expected to behave in a quiet, orderly manner while riding to and from school.
    Students are expected to ride the same bus every day. Under no circumstances are students permitted to change buses.
    Students who misbehave on the bus must be reported to the principal by the bus driver.Continued misbehavior on the bus will result in a student being suspended from riding a bus.
    A student will not be put off the bus at any stop other than their regular one. however, in the case of serious misbehavior, the bus driver may be instructed not to pick up the student the following day until their parents contact the school principal.
    Students who do not ride the bus will not be given permission to ride home with a friend on a bus.
    Early Release
    In order to provide quality time for training in technology and new teaching methods for teachers, the School Board provides for eight early release days a year. On the third Thursday of each month, students will be dismissed at 1:45 PM. buses will take regular riders home and parents must make arrangements for transportation of students who are picked up by car. On Early Release days, all bus students are expected to ride home on the bus. Any exceptions require a written note from the parent that includes a phone number for verification.

    Each family should have a plan to ensure the safety of their child in the event of an emergency early dismissal. This plan should be discussed with your child, so that in the event of any emergency, they will know exactly what to do and where to go. There is a phone available for student use in the Guidance Office.

    Health Concerns
    Students who become ill during the school day should ask for a pass to the office. The clinic is supervised by office personnel ready to assist students with first aid and emergency care. No internal medicine, including aspirin, can be administered at school. Any student who may need to receive ANY medication on school property, or during the school day, must have a Medical Authorization Form on file in the office. Doctor's instructions for the administering of the medication must be specific as to times and amounts. All medications must be in the original container and clearly labeled.

    7th grade students are required to have their Tdap for school entry on the first day of school in 2015-2016 school year. The updated (HRS 680 Florida certification of immunization form must be submitted to Guidance for entry).

    Parent/Teacher Conferences
    Parent/Teacher conferences are an integral part of the development of each child. These conferences provide the parents, teachers, and students an opportunity to meet and discuss the progress of the student.

    Conferences are scheduled through the Guidance Department and are usually held before school.To schedule a conference please call 754-322-4700

    Public Display of Student Work
    During the school year, students often produce work that may be displayed in public forums. This may include, but is not limited to, artwork, written documents, and Science or Social Studies projects. When displayed, the student’s name and school are sometimes given. If you do not want your child’s work displayed in such a manner, please notify your child’s teacher using the form below.


    Reading Goals
    We have been working on our goal for this year, which is for you to become the best reader you've ever been and to really enjoy reading as a hobby. As your reading improves, the grades in your other classes will improve; your S.A.T. and FCAT scores will increase; and you'll feel great about yourself!

    Check out our new page dedicated to our Summer Reading Program.
    The Reading curriculum consists of the following:

    1. Active Reading instruction in varying levels of Reading, according to students' competencies and needs
    2. Completion of Accelerated Reader classroom novels for skills instruction and development of Reading appreciation
    3. Recreational Reading using Accelerated Reader logs, points, tests, and prizes
    4. Development of FCAT test-taking strategies
    5. The Remedial Reading curriculum consists of the following:1. Direct Instruction Reading in varying levels of decoding and comprehension according to students' needs
    6. Sequential Spelling Program which teaches word families and provides immediate feedback to the students
    7. Recreational Reading using Accelerated Reader logs, tests, points, and prizes
    8. Development of FCAT test-taking strategies
    9. Materials Required:1. Pencil
    10. Notebook paper
    11. Agenda
    12. Reading Log
    13. Accelerated Reader
    14. Accelerated Reader Computer Tests

    Each student is required to earn a specific amount of Accelerated Reader points per quarter. This amounts varies according to the Reading level of the student.

    Student Records
    Parents have the following rights: (1) To have access to and review of their child's records; (2) To waive access to certain confidential documents; (3) Keep private all records; (4) To challenge all contents of the records if you believe they are misleading, inaccurate, or an invasion of privacy and (5) To obtain copies of their child's records, as well as School Board Policy 5100 pertaining to School Education Records, upon request at the school.