• Soccer Information

    For questions, please email team coaches:

    BOYS: Coach Patterson:

    GIRLS: Coach Brown:

    GIRLS: Coach Azzarelli:

    Athletic Director:


    soccer flyer



    -You will tryout ONLY 1 DAY FROM 3:45-5:30 PM.

    -You MUST bring water. 

    -You MUST wear a face mask at all times except when engaged in physical activity. The gaiter face masked (neck buff) is recommended so you can pull down and pull up with ease.

    -You MUST wear a light-colored shirt with the last name on the back.

    -You MUST come dressed for tryouts. You will not be allowed in the locker room.

    -You MUST socially distance at all times except when engaged in physical activity.

    -Your temperature and pulse oxidation level will be checked upon arrival.

    -You MUST complete a health screening form daily.

    -MUST be academically eligible: 2.0 GPA in the quarter and no Unsatisfactory in behavior category.

    -NO spectators are allowed at tryouts. Only students and coaches will be on the field.


    Thank you for your cooperation!

    Ms. Patterson:

    Athletic Director: