• We Are Here to Help Guide You Through....
    The High School Guidance center's purpose is helping students with their academic achievement throughout the 4 year process. We strive to offer guidance programs for helping students plan and prepare for postsecondary schooling and helping students with personal growth and development, in addition to offering guidance programs for helping students plan and prepare for their work roles after high school.

    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to register future Plantation High School students by appointment.  Please call 754-322-1870  to make an appointment for registration.  The appointment window is 8am to 12:30pm.

    Please refer to the registration checklist for paperwork needed at the time of your appointment.



    Parents may make appointments with the counselor throughout the school day. Please contact the Guidance Desk at 754-322-1870 to schedule an appointment with the counselor.


    Students may also see their counselor throughout the day by obtaining an appointment pass at the Guidance Desk. Appointment passes may be obtained during lunch and after school. 

    Students may walk-in without an appointment during their assigned lunch if they have a quick question that needs answering.


    Students, Parents and Guardians may make appointments with the BRACE advisor throughout the school day. Appointments may be made by visiting www.plantationbrace.com.  


    If students have a quick question that needs answering or need fee waivers they may see the BRACE advisor before school, during lunch and after school.