School Protocols

  • Our school is proud to provide a safe and secure learning environment - an environment that fosters intellectual development, creativity, and friendships.  These policies and guidelines enable us to create, sustain, and grow this wonderful community at Plantation High.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our School Policies. 

    Thank you.

  • Tardy

    Students who are tardy to school and have a valid reason (illness, illness of an immediate family member, death in the family, required court appearance, schedule doctor or dentist appointment, etc./refer to p. 10 of the Code of Student Conduct) should bring a note with them, specifying the reason for the tardiness, and check in at the designated area of the school and then report immediately to class.


  • Student Withdrawals


    The registrar’s office is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 1:00pm for withdrawals.  Please be sure to return of school supplies (text books, PE lockers, uniforms, etc.) at the time of or before the withdrawal to avoid receiving an obligation.  For more information regarding withdrawing your student please contact Mrs. Gately at (754) 322-1864. 


    Policy 5.1

    Only the parent who registers the student may withdraw the minor student from his or her current school, without documentation of extenuating circumstances indicating otherwise.

    1. Pursuant to F.S. 1003.21, a child who attains the age of 16 years during the school year is not subject to compulsory school attendance beyond the date upon which he or she attains that age if the child files a formal declaration of intent to terminate school enrollment with the District School Board.
      1. The declaration must acknowledge that terminating school enrollment is likely to reduce the student’s earning potential and must be signed by the child and the child’s parent or legal guardian.
      2. The school district must notify the child’s parent of the child’s declaration of intent to terminate school enrollment.
    2. The school shall conduct an exit interview and complete a drop out survey, as outlined in SBBC Policy 5.5 Attendance for all students who withdraw from school prior to graduation, regardless of age (SBBC Policy 5.5).
    3. Students under 16 years of age may not be withdrawn from school for any reason unless covered by an exemption (F.S.1003.21) coordinated by the Student Welfare and Attendance Department and approved by the Superintendent or expelled through board action. This shall not be construed to preclude any student who transfers, withdraws, or is withdrawn for any of the above reasons from returning to the regular school program, providing the proper procedures for remaining in or returning to school have been followed.
    4. When a parent informs the school that the child is being withdrawn for home education and the child stops attending school; the student is to be immediately withdrawn. The District will follow up within 10 days to ensure that parents are in compliance with compulsory education laws. Criminal charges may be filed against the parent(s) if the child is not placed in a school option within 30 days (F.S. 1002.41 (1) (a)).

    For more information on the Enrollment and Withdrawal Policy 5.1 and other SBBC policies please visit

  • Student Parking



    All student cars parked on campus must be registered with the school and properly display a parking decal.
    Students must display their drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance to purchase a decal.
    Failure to follow the parking rules and/or unsafe operation of a vehicle on campus will result in disciplinary action and loss of parking privileges.
    The school is not responsible for theft or damage to cars.
    No loitering is permitted in the parking lots.
    Repeat offenders will have their cars towed at their own expense.
    Cars parking illegally on campus will be ticketed and towed



    Students must follow the rules of the Student Conduct and Code Book and the parking rules established by Plantation High School.  Parking is a privilege on our campus and decals will be taken away from students with attendance or behavior problems.  If a student’s decal is taken away there will not be a refund and the student will not be permitted to park on campus.  Please see a member of the security team for more information.

  • Pick up & Drop offs

    Parents please do not drop off or pick up your student(s) from/on the roadway, while in the school zone around Plantation High School.

    County/city bus riders: use the crosswalk at NW 16th Street and Sunrise Blvd.  Do not cross against traffic, while attempting to cross Sunrise Blvd, violators will be ticketed.

  • Parents & Visitors

    Coming to Visit?

    Parents are always welcome and tours will be arranged to view the school.  All persons visiting the school must first report to the security desk.  Students are not permitted to bring friends to school.  Any person on campus without proper authorization will be considered a trespasser and will be subject to arrest.

  • Dress Code

    While students are allowed to wear clothes that are comfortable and stylish, certain items of dress are prohibited.  Among these are dresses, skirts, and shorts that are mid-thigh, see-through clothing, tube or tank tops, tops that show the torso, halter tops, strapless or backless tops, spaghetti straps and jackets over these items are not permitted.  Additionally, hats (worn or held), doo-rags, zoris, shower shoes, bedroom slippers, and any clothes that have messages that are indecent, racially, religiously or sexually offensive, suggestive, associated with gangs, or encourage the use of drugs or alcohol.  Cell phones must be off and out of sight from 7:20am to 2:40pm (including lunch).  Playing cards, I-Pods, beepers and other electronic devices are prohibited as per School Board Policy and will be confiscated.

    ALLOWED - Backless shoes for students in grades 6-12.

    NOT ALLOWED - Backless shoes for students in grades K-5. Though not required, the District strongly suggests that, for safety reasons, parents of elementary students purchase closed-in shoes, such as sneakers.

    ALLOWED - Unhemmed clothing for students in grades K-12.

    NOT ALLOWED - Suggestive, revealing or indecent clothing IS NOT permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing that exposes private body parts and/or displays pictures or words that have a sexual connotation for students in grades K-12.

    NOT ALLOWED - Belts, bracelets, wallet chains, collars with spikes, or heavy link chains that may cause injury for students in K-12.

  • Absence Reporting & Policy

    Regular school attendance is vitally important to a student’sacademic achievement. For that reason, and in order to meet a requirement set by the state that school districts establish a definition of a pattern of non-attendance, a major change to theDistricts attendance policy was approved by the Broward School Board.

    Both excused and unexcused absences along with tardiness and early sign-outs will be counted when determining a student’s pattern of non-attendance.  This is a change from previous years when excused absences had no impact on a student’s attendance record.

    A student has a pattern of non-attendance if he or she is absent from school a total of 30 hours (5 days) in any one marking period or 60 hours (10 days) within 90 days.

    Schools will be looking at students for early signs of truancy when they accumulate more than 5 days of absence from school without acceptable documentation. Absences include missing school all day and/or missing school part of the day (being tardy, being signed out early). It is SO important for students to be in every class every day.

    If it is determined that a student has developed pattern of non-attendance, sanctions may be imposed.  Sanctions may range, for an elementary age student, from having his or her report card withheld if they were in school for less than 25 days in a marking period, to the child’s parent being required to appear in court.

    Middle and high school students who have a pattern of non-attendance may also face sanctions. A student may not earn class credit; could be required to repeat a class; could be referred to Children In Need of Services (CINS) or Families In Need of Services (FINS); could have their drivers license suspended or be prevented from obtaining a drivers license; or the student’s parents could be required to appear in court.

    It is important for parents receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) payments from the state to know that if their child has a pattern of non-attendance, payments may be suspended.

    Excused Absences:
    In order for an absence to be excused, the parent must report the reason for the absence to the school on the day prior, the day of, or within two school days following the absence.

    Absences may be excused for the following:

    • Illness of student.  If a doctor states in writing that the student will be absent for fifteen or more consecutive days, the guidance department should be notified so that homebound instruction can be arranged.
    • Illness of an immediate family member.
    • Death in family.
    • Subpoena by a law enforcement agency.
    • Special events if the student gets permission from the school at least five days ahead of time.  Such trips refer to exceptional cases of family need, college visitations or trips of an academic nature.
    • Doctor or dental appointment if the student provides a note from the doctor or dentist giving the date and appointment time.

    Note:  Field trips or school-sponsored activities on or off school grounds shall count as school attendance.  Internal Suspension shall count as school attendance.

    Parents may now excuse their student’s absence via notes and/or telephone calls. Absences may be called in at any time.  An answering machine is available to parents after school hours.  The phone number is (754) 322-1852.

    Students who are tardy to school and have a valid reason (illness, illness of an immediate family member, death in the family, required court appearance, schedule doctor or dentist appointment, etc./refer to p. 10 of the Code of Student Conduct) should bring a note with them, specifying the reason for the tardiness, and check in at the designated area of the school and then report immediately to class.

    Student Sign Out:
    If it is necessary to pick up a student during the school day, a parent must call the attendance office prior to the pickup time and personally appear in the office to sign out the student.

    Leaving Campus:
    Once students arrive on the school grounds, they are not permitted to leave without signing out through the Attendance Office.  In order to sign out, a student’s parents must give verbal permission to the office at the time of sign out.  Students who leave campus without signing out will be considered unexcused.  The lunch period is a part of the regular school day and students must properly sign out or be present in class after lunch.


    Attendance Policy (pdf)
    Política de la atención en español (pdf)
    Comparecimento política Portugues (pdf)
    Politique de assistance dans le Kréyol (pdf)

  • Anti-Bullying

    The School Board of Broward County has approved the first school district Anti-Bullying Policy in Florida. The policy, which was adopted on July 22, was designed by the District’s Office of Prevention Programs and Student Support Services, under the Safe Schools Healthy Students Grant initiative.

    The Florida Department of Education will utilize the new policy as a model for the state’s other 66 school districts. The policy was developed prior to the passage of House Bill 669, which mandates that all districts in the state adopt Anti-Bullying policies by December 1, 2008.antibullying

    The District’s Anti-Bullying Policy specifically prohibits bullying of or by any District student or employee, with consequences for those acts that meet the definition of bullying as defined in the policy:

    “Bullying” means systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students or employees.

    The policy sets forth guidelines for the identification and reporting of bullying – as the overall goal of the initiative is the protection of students and their increased feelings of safety and belonging. The policy requires teachers and staff to utilize a variety of prevention and intervention activities and includes tools and resources that create environments of safety and respect and expectations of appropriate behavior.

    The Anti-Bullying Policy was developed by a District task force, which included community and parental involvement.

    For more information on the District’s Anti-Bullying Policy, go to (School Policies) and reference Policy 5.9.

    For more information visit the district's Bullying Prevention web page by clicking here

  • ID Badges

    Students will be issued an ID Badge at the beginning of the school year.  Students must have an ID Badge to purchase meals, tickets to school events, use the media center, and receive hall passes and other school-related functions.  If a student does not have an ID Badge, he or she may purchase a replacement badge or an obligation will be incurred.  This is for school safety.  The ID Badge must be carried with the student at all times while on campus or attending school activities.

  • Make Up Work

    All students are expected to make up class work missed during an excused absence.  For absences due to (a) illness of student, (b) illness of an immediate family member, (c) death in the family, the student has two days to make up the work for each day the student is absent, not counting the day of return.

    Regardless of the reason, students will be able to make up work for their absences. It is critical that students remain current with their classroom work in order for them to be successful in the learning process.

  • Restrooms

    Clean restrooms are located throughout the campus for student use before and after school, between class periods and during the lunch period.  Loitering and socializing is prohibited.  Students must have a pass from a teacher in order to use the restrooms during class time.  Smoking is prohibited.

  • Searches

    Reasonable suspicion of possession of illegal materials may result in a search of person, possessions, locker, and vehicle.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment can occur in all types of circumstances and relationships:

    • Between or among individuals of different sexes or the same sex.
    • In relationships of unequal power (for example, between supervisor and employees, faculty member and student).
    • In relationships of equal power (for example, between fellow employees or fellow students). 

    Examples of sexual harassment are:

    • Suggestive or inappropriate communication, notes, drawing, etc.
    • Suggestive or insulting sounds, obscene gestures.
    • Patting, pinching or other inappropriate touching.
    • Coerced sexual intercourse
    • Sexual assault

    If you are being sexually harassed:

    • Remember that it is NOT YOUR FAULT
    • Do not ignore it; silence appears to give consent.
    • Speak up; tell the perpetrator to stop in a clear and firm manner.
    • Confide in somebody.  (Friend, teacher, counselor or administrator).

    The school’s policy is to protect all members of the community.  Any student who has knowledge of sexual harassment is encouraged to report it to the appropriate dean, counselor, teacher or principal.

  • Drugs, Tobacco & Vaping

    (Includes, but not limited to Juul, Vapes with Tobacco or THC, Alcohol, Medications, Drug Paraphernalia, and any Mind/Mood Altering Substance)

     - The use, possession, sale, attempted sale or transmittal of tobacco or tobacco related products on school property, school sponsored transportation, or during a school sponsored activity is prohibited.

    - The use, possession, and/or being under the influence of mood-altering substances is prohibited.

    - Use/possession of unauthorized substances is prohibited.

    - Being under the influence of unauthorized substances is prohibited.

    - Sale, attempted sale, and/or transmittal is prohibited.


    Click Here: Consequences for Vaping in School

    Click HERE: The Facts About Vaping

    Click HERE: School Board Policy on Vaping & Resources

  • Textbooks

    All textbooks and library books issued to the students are the property of the state and school.  These books are purchased with tax money.  The student must properly care for his/her books.  The books are to be covered and are not to be marked.  If a book is lost or damaged; a fine will be assessed and the student will be listed as having a financial obligation.


    Tuesday and Thursday ONLY

    7:20am - 7:35am

    2:45pm - 3:15pm

    Students MUST have a School ID to get textbooks

  • Unsupervised Students

    Students may not loiter unsupervised on campus after normal school hours.  An adult sponsor must be with students during after school activities.  Students repeatedly arriving early or staying late will be referred to Child Net.