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    The High School Guidance center's purpose is helping students with their academic achievement throughout the 4 year process. We strive to offer guidance programs for helping students plan and prepare for postsecondary schooling and helping students with personal growth and development, in addition to offering guidance programs for helping students plan and prepare for their work roles after high school.

    What does "College and Career Ready" Mean?  Click here to find out more information on planning your career.



     WHAT is college readiness?

                Being college ready means that you are not showing deficiencies in reading and math, and that you have a good probability of successfully completing college-level courses after high school graduation and will not need to take remedial courses.

    WHEN do I show that I am college ready?

                During your 11th grade school year, you will be scheduled to take the PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) in April – May.  You do not have to sign up.  We select those students who need to take the PERT based on their ACT/SAT/FCAT scores.Click here for PERT Study Guide



    In order to qualify for Dual Enrollment courses, you must:

    • Meet minimum scores from the ACT, SAT, FCAT, or PERT.   
    • Have a minimum 3.0 un-weighted GPA
    • Have earned at least 11 credits. 


     WHAT are concordant scores?

           Concordant scores are SAT and ACT scores that students can use for graduation if they don’t have passing scores in the 10th Grade FCAT Reading or the FCAT 2.0 Reading and FCAT Math tests.   


     "What is ACCEL Legislation?"

    ACCEL means Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning. In accordance with F.S. 1002.3105, Broward County Public Schools must provide a way to allow acceleration mechanisms for eligible students to expand beyond the normal coursework for that student's grade level.