Adults with Abilities

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    Striving for Success

    This educational program enables students to acquire and develop skills to gain
    self-sufficiency and increase their level of independence. Programs are tailored to meet

    the needs of adults with disabilities in specialized school and community-based programs.

    The curriculum extends beyond the classroom into the community to make instruction

    relevant. The program design addresses skills in three major areas:

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    Who is eligible to enroll in the program?

    This educational program enrolls individuals 18 years of age and older with one of more of the following

    disabilities: intellectual (developmental) disabilities, emotional or physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury,
    visual or hearing impairments with intellectual difficulties, and autism spectrum disorder. Students with or without

    special diplomas may enroll at any time during the school year, on a space available basis.

    All prospective students under the age of 22 must be officially withdrawn from high

    school prior to seeking enrollment. Area agencies, centers, schools, and the community can

    make referrals to one of the Adults with Disabilities Program Specialists at their respective locations.

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    What documentation is required prior to enrollment?

    Prospective students must provide documentation
    of their disability, which includes one of more of the following:

    medical history, psychological evaluation, educational records,

    work or support plan. Program eligibility specifies that the individual has the ability to

    perform all personal needs, be capable of self-movement, and have the necessary abilities
    to benefit from instruction.