Connecting the Church to Reach the Campus for Christ

  • This club is for Christians to help deepen their relationship with God and to also spread the gospel with others who don’t have a relationship with Christ yet. Perks: Students will be able to deepen their faith and be able to find comfort in knowing other Christians who are trying to be a light in a world of darkness.



    Why First Priority?

    There are almost half a million students in the public middle and high schools of southeast Florida. Statistics suggest that over 90% of these teens do not know Christ, which demonstrates the urgent need for us to meet them where they are – the campus. A majority of Christians state that their decision to follow Christ was made by age 18. We could be only one generation away from catastrophic faith abandonment if we do not equip students to fulfill the Great Commission. That is why, since 1998, First Priority has been so passionate about connecting the CHURCH to reach the CAMPUS for CHRIST.


    Where is First Priority?

    We have almost 200 clubs across seven counties, from South Florida to the Treasure Coast. In addition, we partner with over 120 local churches, 300 volunteers, and thousands of students. To find a club at your school, visit FIND A CLUB. To reach every student on every public middle and high school campus in southeastern Florida with the Gospel… this is our First Priority!


First Priority
 Ms. Hankerson



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Hankerson

Where: 11S during first lunch/ 2503 during 2nd lunch

When: Every Wednesday during lunch

  • How Does it work?

    The 1984 Equal Access Act gives students the right to initiate and lead a Christian club on campus. When students start a club, we send them one of our church-approved youth workers to coach them on how to reach their campus for Christ. The success of First Priority begins and ends with the local church. The students, youth pastors & faculty sponsors that partner with us all belong to a local congregation. Once a student receives Christ on campus, they are encouraged to connect to the body of Christ where they can grow in their new faith.

    Statement of Faith

    We Believe God loves mankind so much that He gave:
    His Word to be the written source of absolute truth
    His Son Jesus, to restore our relationship with God
    His Spirit to empower believers to live holy lives
    His Mandate to proclaim Christ’s sinless life, death, and resurrection to all
    His Church to equip believers to reach the world


    See Ms. Hankerson in 11 South for more information