• The College Academy

    SCHOOL: The College Academy@ BC (CA) is a public school, which opened in August 2001 as a joint venture between the School Board of Broward County and the Broward College Board of Trustees. College Academy expanded to Broward College's North Campus beginning with the 2015 - 2016 school year.. The CA prides itself on it's nurturing environment, small school setting, beautiful campus and its focus on student achievement. The program is designed for students who have the maturity required for college campus life, the discipline to use their time wisely, and the academic ability to handle the rigor of college work. The staff provides an educational bridge from high school to college for the students.

    ENROLLMENT: Our students come from both public and private schools. Eligibility requirements include: Broward County resident, sophomore status at time of application, a minimum cumulative unweighted 3.25 GPA and score requirements on the PERT, SAT, or ACT and completion of specific high school courses. The school population is diverse and reflects the religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the community.

    FACULTY: 100% of our faculty have Masters or Doctorate degrees; 50% are National Board Certified; all are qualified as dual enrollment instructors.


    • Winter Term (16 weeks)
    • Spring Term (16 weeks)
    • Summer Term A (6 weeks) - Juniors Only

    ACCREDITATION: The College Academy and Broward College are accredited by AdvancED.

    PROGRAM: CA is a full-time dual enrollment (DE) Broward County Public school. CA students take DE courses in English, social science, and mathematics with CA credentialed instructors. All other courses, including sciences, foreign language, humanities, business, and professional prerequisites, are taken with BC professors.

    SBBC / COLLEGE PARTNERSHIP: Students receive free tuition and fees, textbooks, and transportation. Students have access to all Broward College facilities, including computer and science laboratories and state-of-the-art libraries. CA students may enroll in the BC Honors Institute.