• Although The College Academy does not have an operational clinic, our office hours are 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 pm. We are available to assist your student with health concerns that may arise. If a student becomes ill or injured, parents will be contacted should a student need to be sent home or needs further medical attention. Parents must sign out in the front office or call (if students has own transportation) all students leaving school.

    All medications, including over the counter, will be administered by school staff that are trained and designated by the principal. Medications may be administered by the designee when there exists an illness or disability that requires maintenance-type medicine, and when failure to take prescribed medication could jeopardize the student’s health and when the medication administration schedule cannot be accommodated before or after school.

    In order for prescribed medication to be administered, an Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form and/or a Diabetes Medication Authorization Form must be completed for all students receiving prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications. The completed form shall include the type, amount, time to be administered, possible side effects, and any special instructions regarding the medication. All medications, including over-the-counter, may only be administered when both the physician and the parent/guardian have signed the form. Execution of the parental consent and physician section will grant the designee the permission to assist in the administration of all medications and shall explain the necessity for the medication to be provided during the school day, including when the student is away from school property on official school business. A new Authorization for Medication/Treatment form must be completed every 12 months. Copies of the completed forms must be placed in the student’s cumulative folder.

    Some students may have medical conditions, which could put them at risk for life threatening allergies such as peanuts and insect stings. These students should make the school aware of the situation. The school assigned nurse can initiate an Emergency Plan of Care for these students and make sure the appropriate school staff is knowledgeable of how to handle emergency situations that may arise.