• Stranahan High School Community

  • Stranahan has been a school since 1953 and a highshool since 1957, that is over half a century of passing down knowledge and culture. Stranahan is more than just a school but a community filled with over 10,000 alumni.

    A school is nothing without the people and is defined by the ones that are included. As a student I have noticed first hand the roll the community takes within Stranahan. Every year at the homecoming game the alumni band students come back and plan in line together with the current band students. Stranahan Alumni Collect donations and fund the Kieth Skinner Memorial Scholarship for Students going to the next level of education.

    An active Facebook page with over 2,000 alumni is used to stay informed and share important information. The Stranahan Community is the strongest it has ever been and is only getting larger and tighter.


    Once A Dragon, Always A Dragon.