Partners in Education

  • Why Become a Partner?
    Partners In Education is Broward County Public School’s premier school-business partnership program. Your participation as a business/community Partner will influence students, the future leaders of our community. For partners, the rewards are both immediate and long-term because a better education system translates directly to economic success right here in Broward County. 

    Why should local businesses support Stranahan High? 

    • To support our school and help us be successful
    • Strong, successful schools build strong communities
    • Strong communities are necessary for businesses to thrive
    • To build positive relationships with students and staff at Stranahan High 
    • Increased customer base through active advertising to nearly 1,400 students and their families

    Stranahan High is the academic home to nearly 1,400 students and their families.  These families are YOUR customers.  Stranahan High will support you by:

    • Advertising your company in our school newsletter.  
    • Listing your business on our school website, including a hyperlink to your website.
    • Recognizing your business as a partner at SAC/SAF and school events.
    • Identifying your business as a partner at Stranahan High.
    • Inviting you to attend a reception and school tour to see how our students benefit from materials purchased with your donations.  


    Our Partners
    This list represents our Partners.  These organizations and businesses help us in a myriad of ways, and if you have a chance to show your appreciation with your support, please let them know.