Suggested School Supplies

  • Forest Glen Middle School

    Basic School Supply List

      Please note: there may be additional supplies that will be shared at Open House on August 29th.


    •  Pencils or Mechanical Pencils - #2 (If you buy regular pencils please purchase a sharpener)
    •  Pens – blue or black (3 of each)
    •  Loose leaf paper (2-packages)
    •  Composition Notebooks (3-notebooks)
    •  Highlighters (minimum of 4-each of a different color)
    •  Colored pencils (12 pack)
    •  Dyo-Tang Folders  (5-each of a different color - plastic ones last longer)
    •  Glue Stick (minimum of 2)
    •  Headsets or earbuds (for laptop use in their classes)
    • Ruler


    Physical Education (PE)

    • School PE uniform preferred


    Please call the school at 754-322-3400 for additional school supplies questions.